Renegade CJ

Filled the white board up with things to do last night. All piddly stuff at this point.
-Nut & Bolt check the entire Jeep
-Change engine oil
-Replace pinion seal, bearings, etc. (was a little warmer than I liked Sunday)
-Cigarette Lighter outlet install
-Finish switch panel
-Head to Colorado.....
I'm starting to get really impatient... I'm so ready to go! My boss thats going out with us is leaving tomorrow to head that direction via every cool thing between here and there.
Filled the white board up with things to do last night. All piddly stuff at this point.
-Nut & Bolt check the entire Jeep-Weekend chore
-Change engine oil-Done and oil looked great
-Replace pinion seal, bearings, etc. (was a little warmer than I liked Sunday)-Doing tonight along with front fender work
-Cigarette Lighter outlet install-Weekend chore
-Finish switch panel-Weekend chore
-Head to Colorado.....

Hoping to head to Gulches for a couple of hours Sunday and check all of my clearances in an on trail situation. Be the first time in 10 or more years that i've driven a rig there to wheel.
If I can get it ready Friday we can do that. I have several things I need to do... plus we are going to a thing for my nephew Saturday afternoon. Let me see how the fender job goes tonight and I will let ya know tomorrow.
Been driving it around the block a time or two every afternoon this week.

Dash is finished. New windshield yesterday. Brakes are much improved. Rear shocks seem to be charged properly. May add a little to the front after I drive it a good bit more.

Very short to-do list now:
Bleed rear brakes some more
Finish up the switch panel for fan and winch
Final nut-bolt check
Me and @jimbo92 made the Gulches run today. Overall happy with the Jeep. Have a couple of things to work on before we leave. but don’t hold a steep incline in 4-low. I assumed this would be the case. Should be able to get them good.

Engine temp. It never got above 210* and we rode for around an hour to an hour and a half I think. However I didn’t love the temp....going to pick up a pusher fan to wire on a switch tomorrow. I also ordered the Poison Spyder hood lovers this week and they will be here Tuesday so I’m going to install those for sure. That should fix that...

Driveshaft hits the lower link mount at a certain flex/off camber point. Nothing to see here. Move along.

DFCED719-A8F9-4ED3-9206-277932248C43.jpeg 0BA1C74F-60E3-4F2F-A255-2A75D5CEF20F.png 9B52B72E-8283-47FA-8876-038E774E231A.jpeg
Got the pusher fan put in. Had to make a shroud and make it clear my trans cooler. Tight squeeze.....

Shannon helped me with the brakes. Probably bleed them several more times but they feel pretty solid. I didn’t drive it today. Have to go visit some family before we leave out.

8ECDFBE6-C796-4661-8C80-E918E3A37EB3.jpeg 2D90CC53-8FF0-40FC-995B-7B4207F9C69E.jpeg
Did a lot of brake bleeding tonight. If you’ve been to Jim’s house you know he’s got the steepest hill in greenwood at his driveway. It held 4-low and would stop 4-low on that. That is a great feeling!

New K&N and pre-filter for that sand yo!

And most importantly, my tag came in.

Tomorrow I have to put the hood louvers on and do some cleaning up and nut/bolt check.

Wednesday I’ll load everything up and be ready for an early morning departure.

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Thanks Brooks. Definitely a lot of sweat the past couple months no doubt. 30 Hours a weekend in 95* SC heat/humidity is tough. The payoff is worth it though...

Clippa, funny you say that. Should have seen it Sunday... Thankful that my brakes came to life yesterday or i'd be in question for sure.
After 7 days of wheeling in all conditions the CJ held up extremely well. It had just over 140 miles on it when it hit the trailer and only about two hours of trail time. I'll have to check the trip meter but I think we logged about 175 miles of trail/road time over the adventure. Heay on the trail time because we towed to all Moab trail heads. The only failure I had was a fuel pump which was already on the fritz. It did not like the long climbs in the higher temps but I think that will be a fairly easy fix.

Very happy with the outcome and performance.

Now to clean it up good, nut/bolt check, and do some finish work I didn't get to before we left.
Got the fenders fixed today. The fender was hanging the tire and bending it out. I straightened them back up and reworked the support bar allowing me to tack the fender to the bar. Should be rigid enough to keep the tire from tearing it up now.

Nut and bolt check this week and hopefully headed to Windrock next weekend.