Renegade CJ

Have a few things to take care of over the winter that 1000 mostly trail miles have exposed...

-The engine skid needs additional bracing. Came down on it rather hard at Windrock and it bent a little.
-Install new fuse panel for the LS harness. It had the plain jane cheap fuse holders and I had an issue with the fuel pump fuse at Windrock. The fuse holder has gotten loose so it allows the fuse to move and kept popping them. I have a much nicer setup, just need to install.
-INNER FENDERS for the front. I had hoped to cut some myself with my new plasma table but time may force me to order some if stuff doesn't start happening faster around the shop.
-You need a full top for SE wheeling. If you care about your rig at all... I hope to do a top before Harlan this year.
-Still have to pull the front end and body armor apart and clear the tub.
-Would like to go to an ARB compressor that allows for OBA.
-Still want to do an under dash vintage air setup, but that is not really a priority and $$$

My goal is to have everything on this list done less the ARB and Vintage Air before Harlan. Also planning to take the CJ on the Poker Run this year, that is if it happens.
this year has been nuts. I'm hoping we get to do the poker run this year, but who the heck knows. We will be camping and riding that weekend up there either way.
CJ gets some windshield frame customization now courtesy of Mason Jar. Also, my ARB pump I wanted to replace now needs replacement. The wiring at the connector is loose. I dub that reason enough to get what I want. Also get to replace the PSC steering pump before the CJ is ready for the trail again. Going to clean it up this week and start back on it in a couple of weeks.
So, we took the #RenegadeCJ down to the dirty myrt this last week for the 34th annual Run to the Sun. Had a lot of fun cruising the beach in the only trail rig out of probably 4,500 classics in town. It got a ton of attention to say the least... maybe some from the squeking

Friday morning my cooling fan decided to go to be with the lord. It self destructed but luckily didn't snag the radiator. Going to use this as an opportunity to upgrade the already questionable cooling system before Harlan.

I bought a 3K CFM fan at the show and wired it up wrong in a hurry....oops. Going to get the Flowkooler high volume water pump as I think my water pump is the culprit of the squeak. Going to do a flush mount aluminum shroud for the newly acquired fan and see how it does. Hopefully I can take the pusher out of the grill as I hate how it looks.

See youins in Kentucky next month. Some Dirty Myrtle pics until then....

55BC47E7-EF37-4051-B9B6-6B66A0DBFC0B.jpeg 9C1ECD38-0B85-4E6F-9185-9F8A30C1EFC9.jpeg D40A847F-53DE-4C8A-A768-8AED01015E0F.jpeg 48821478-6F9C-4C39-809F-072B52DD4787.jpeg D41C0301-E1FB-4243-8BC6-90256A410A2A.jpeg 0CAD3774-E27D-46AC-9FD8-146C33D15663.jpeg E2390EC5-E853-4C4B-BE80-F1080DDC7B01.jpeg 0EFAEA54-89DB-42F1-99B3-A0BC62C3F1FB.jpeg 689236BF-0DA2-4D09-A2C7-82CD9B49EF03.jpeg 13E82C67-E7A6-4CF0-BD2F-3CD0E5039849.jpeg
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So, cooling update....

The Flowkooler waterpump didn't fix the squeak....You heard us this weekend. lol.

Also, I don't think that the fan was enough to eliminate the pusher. With both fans on and some hard pulls up the mountain it would climb to the 210* range. Which is fine, I just get nervous with a trail rig because once one gets hot it's hard to calm it down. I definitely think that it is better though. Going to look into a bit nicer fan and see if that can eliminate the pusher...

Also, have determined that the squeak has to be from the PS pulley. Will be adjusting it to see if we can get rid of that.

The AGR steering box busted the end cap on Friday coming up Fish Fossil. Luckily it was on the end of the trail. I bought a saginaw box in town so I could borrow the end cap.... Going to replace mine with a billet end cap as my box is older and just had the standard cast aluminum one.
Shoot I wouldn't worry a second about 210. That's typically the stock thermostat temp. My bone stock 4.0 won't stay that cool on those climbs with a manual. *the Jeep 4.0* the ford no care even a little for some reason.