Renegade CJ

So, I think most everyone either knows or has figured out I sold the EOR buggy. I thought I was going to buy a rzr initially but Shannon didn't like them. So, I decided to build a CJ.

I ended up finding a pretty good deal on a rig already put together with basically the exact parts list I envisioned this week so the process is going to be much faster. I will have a rig at Oscar now rather than the Barbie Jeep or a rzr.

Current specs:
86 CJ-7
5.3/4L60e/Dana 300
60 front 5:38's and an ARB
14 bolt rear 5:38's and a yukon grizzly
ORI struts
4-link rear
3-link front
AGR box and ram assist steering
40" MTR's

Plans are to go through the axles. Probably put a set of Yukon shafts in the front while its apart as it currently has outters only. Tie the cage in properly. Change around some of the suspension so it can be lowered a bit. Sell the MTR's and put a set of reds and beadlocks on it. Swap the oil pan and build a nice skid plate for engine and trans.

Basically it's a very good starting point but the attention to detail is lacking.
Did you run the VIN to see what model it was? Looks like a Laredo dash in the pic you sent me or perhaps a highly optioned Renegade.
I didn't but it will have this tub on it after April. Plus, my first CJ was a Renegade and it just sounds cooler.
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Planning on Comp cut the new tub or keep it stockish?

Good looking jeep. Envious of your toy and garage collection.

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Absolutely not comp cutting it. It will be very similar to Nick's cut. I'd love to stay a stock fender all the way but that just doesn't work for big tires and keeping it low.

I got some new used calipers today and hopefully that will clear up the rear brakes. Had one sticking and a buddy of mine had a parts truck so I robbed his calipers and all that and swapped it over today. I need to bleed the system and go drive it around and see what it's doing to act like.

I got a little carried away with the wiring already though so I have to check the brakes out before I tear deep into it. But holy **** he sucked at wiring.

So what you have here is a battery disconnect, the two long bolts holding it in are very close to the cables. One has made contact at some point. Guy is lucky he didn't have a pile of metal melt down.


The wiring in the floor is what it took to power everything in the Tuffy console....we will have to cut that wayyyyy down. The gauge and switch panel had a lot of thought in it. Everything has a indicator light, I'm cutting it all out. It looks like a birds nest. That you could NEVER track down on the trail of you had an issue. Looks like project two is wiring.

I also got new Barnes HD steering, and a new trac bar setup. That will be the next item after the wiring. I am also going to move the steering box forward a little and up a lot. Going to be a good bit of work but I have a plan.

Got this guy last night. Hopefully I will get a long day on the wiring Friday and that will be done this week so I can move on to the booty fab.


I didn't but it will have this tub on it after April. Plus, my first CJ was a Renegade and it just sounds cooler.
I read this as:

It's going to get the beat down of its life at OSCAR, with no regard for body damage. Then, it will get cleaned up and tub swapped and live a much easier life.

This weeks plan is to go through the harness. It has been cut down and works properly however all of the connections are done with a butt splice. I'm going to solder everything to cut down some space and also hook the fan and fuel pump up to the ECM rather than switch power. Thinking of doing a switch power for them as well just to have that option. Especially for the fan. I missed having switch power on my fan on the Orange buggy.

Fixed this cluster today. If you don't need it why have it in there??

If anyone ever needs a firewall bulkhead pinout here's a picture for a 86 CJ.