Renegade CJ

I finished the passenger side slider today, wired the taillights, installed the tailgate, and wired up the radio.

Tomorrow I plan to get all of the dash wiring finished and cleaned up, wire the switch panel, re-install the grill and get fenders fitting, and put the seats in for the final time.

This week I should be able to get it tuned and my hardware to install the sliders will be in.

Hoping to drive it around a good bit next weekend. Thinking about doing the Parksville loop which is about 100 miles of Forrest service roads.

Grille is on and headlights, taillights, blinkers, etc. all working.

Cleaned up the gauge, radio, and factory wiring. Still not in love with it but that’s something I can fix after the trip. Still have to wire up the switch panel for the ARB, winch control, and fan switch. Seats are in for the final time. Belts bolted down.

If the rain doesn’t cancel it I will be taking it to get tuned tomorrow.

To-Do List:
-Make driver side slider and install both sides.
-Brush the sliders to get them close to matching the corners
-Get a new windshield put in frame and install
-Nut/bolt check for the sixth time
Wired up the winch control and CEL tonight. Took the master cylinder off and found my next brake issue. Leaking past the piston...explains even more. Will replace that tomorrow and report back.

Replaced the pinion seal tonight. Got brakes working a little better. Still some work to do... it will hold low gear now though.
Installed my windshield for my DMV inspection tomorrow morning. Hoping to have a tag tomorrow afternoon.
Brakes working better. Work good after it rolls a bit...definitely air somewhere in the rear calipers. Trans shifts sweet. Case works right. So far it’s all working properly. Going to finish up some more tomorrow and drive it a bit Sunday.

Very important thing happened today....passed SCDMV inspection and got a tag!!

055E4744-7F39-409E-B8BB-673D65A3D770.jpeg AAE8DA59-BFF5-4E90-A7FB-FD4A8D5D2B0A.jpeg 8B29B5BD-5A89-4977-AE0C-78D2E61F035D.jpeg BABC3A7B-AA2A-4550-AF9C-E599B13BFC0E.jpeg 5F8B4808-6A0D-46B8-90B8-D8C86A4DDADF.jpeg A3BAD601-6E37-4194-853E-56EE39B9C3B8.jpeg 78FA69FD-6622-4F46-8BAF-8203ABE4F6C5.jpeg
Did a lot of finish work today. Put 15 or so miles on it. Handles very well at 60. Very happy with that...

Have to put some silicon around the rear pinion. The nut is still leaking a touch.

If the weather allows I am going to put some miles on it tomorrow afternoon

5597A61F-6C4A-45A7-9F5D-9BF987402830.jpeg 4C9E6085-199D-4CD8-A90B-C27E1B6EF4B1.jpeg
I don't have enough room to mount below the taillight. Likely for this trip it is going to be done with a magnet and mounted to the tailgate....

Right now the best permanent option I have come up with is to move the the D-Ring mounts outward and drill and tap the bumper to put the tag there. If it didn't have a receiver built in I would just go center of the bumper but I kind of like the idea of having the ability to tow something if I needed to.
Filled the white board up with things to do last night. All piddly stuff at this point.
-Nut & Bolt check the entire Jeep
-Change engine oil
-Replace pinion seal, bearings, etc. (was a little warmer than I liked Sunday)
-Cigarette Lighter outlet install
-Finish switch panel
-Head to Colorado.....