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Renegade CJ

Fan issue fixed. Ran out of fuel before it got hot enough to trigger on by the ECM. Aux trigger works though so ECM should as well. Cleaned all the engine bay wiring back up.

Tomorrow’s plan is to get the case shifters in and set up, finish trans shifter mount, bleed brakes, hope and a prayer charge the shocks...

Will still lack sheet metal work, sliders, winch, switch and accessory wiring, nut and bolt check. Hopefully not too many more unexpected surprises.

No pictures only progresss.
Mine should run and drive tomorrow. Charging the struts in the morning and have to bleed the brakes. Should be able to do some in shop wheel spin time on the jack stands and maybe make a lap around the block by the end of the day. Have to recruit someone to help with the brakes. I had them gravity bleeding and only one wheel came out.

#RenegadeCJ got some vitamin D today on its own power. Brakes aren’t bleeding out great but they work. Going to try to get them 100% tomorrow and then just have to bolt everything on and clean up the dash wiring.

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The revised "Short List":
-Bleed brakes
-Finish dash and switch wiring
-Install radio and speakers, wire
-Weld inner of trac-bar mount
-Install brake lights when they come in
-Fabricate and Install rock sliders
-Front Fender trim

Still have to figure out a top for the trip and if/what I am going to do for doors. Leaning toward the aluminum savvy or UCF doors.

I have my Rampage top left from the TJ so I thought about seeing if it would do for now as just a trail/safari top. Ideally I would like to find a blue safari top. Don't need windows as I don't want to run hardware. It would be sweet if someone made a bowless top for a CJ....
Brakes did work day 1. The rear calipers were stuck however...

I swapped them with some from a friends parts truck but never did bleed them out because I uncovered so many other issues...

Front calipers are new now.

As of now we have good fluid. Brakes will freely gravity bleed. MC never lost fluid when sitting.

Tonight's attack plan:
-Block the rear of the MC and see if we get a pedal. If so, change calipers (new ones on the way to the house now) and see what that does.
-Bleed proportioning valve
-Check rod from Hydroboost to MC.

In that order. I HATE BRAKES.
So, found one issue. Also did some more bleeding....

I didn’t have the right fitting to isolate the rear as planned. So, went straight to putting the new calipers on just to see. Removed the old one and the new one wouldn’t fit....turns out I ordered half ton calipers... Guess what I had put on it when I got the donors??? HALF TON!!! They were donated and fit on but obviously weren’t right. The rotor didn’t let the piston move any.

After installing I got a little bit of a pedal. Ran it on the jack stands for a few minutes hitting the brakes over and over.

Then bled the proportioning valve. After I did that they came to life.

I’ll call it a combination but as of now the pedal is comparable to my Duramax. Definitely good enough to get it tuned and start driving it. Fee like I’ll have another bleeding session before the big trip.