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What did you do to your rig Today? V2.0

Starting my prep for Uwharrie. A lot of maintenance stuff like engine mount, tranny mount, Break pads. Did throw in a Spartan locker. Now i have to stop driving around my yard, the grass is getting ate up :( . Good thing with the maintenance, i found a failing ujoint in the front axle, so i need to knock that out now.


Over the past week I've been doing some simple maintenance on the family truckster (2005 Yukon XL).

Last weekend I replaced the glass and lift gate struts. The gate struts are really strong btw... took a ratchet strap to compress them and snap them in.

One thing that drives me crazy in the 99-06 GMs is the popeye daytime running lights. A couple years ago one of them went out. I pulled it apart and found the socket to be brittle and the bulb basically welded into the socket. I ordered replacement sockets, but when I put it back together "temporarily" they worked so I never changed them. This morning I noticed it was out again.

These DRLs run all the time, get hot, and the sockets can't take it. You can buy the sockets with pigtails (and the tail lights and a other sockets are the same).


GM hit the pinnacle of design with the ease of headlight removal in this generation trucks, then they went down hill bigtime...

I drove it to Lexington this morning and noticed the oil pressure gauge was pegged at 80 psi. No idea how long it's been like this. I got where we were going and shut it off, switch back on and 80 psi without the engine running. Sensor is shorted to ground...

I've had too much practice swapping these sensors. The G8 twice, DJs truck a time or two, and most recently the jeep. Its not a hard job just hard to get to, and tears your arm up. I put the sensor I took out of the Buick 5.3 in it and all is good.