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What did you do to your rig Today? V2.0

Drilled another hole in my roof.
Put another NMO in it.
Put an NMO to 3/8x24 adapter on it.
Put CB antenna on roof.
No more ground plane issues.

I will not ever use a TRAM bran NMO or cable again. I will be sticking with Larsen or PC Tel in the future. b1460052c86dd2af7719f6349f8c916f.jpg 50d2dbd4f44ee97bc7bbb8392dbb44ac.jpg 3f7ab8238802006184a24e22b85fed2e.jpg d6978311ab84acd691704995fe9930c9.jpg

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Back to the transmission shop today.
CKP sensor p1391 code, and shift linkage needs adjustment.

BTW: The reason for the rebuild was fried OD, low, and reverse clutches. He has no idea how I made it to & from OSCAR this year!
Jeep has been back to the shop again, and the new forward pump failed, along with the tech not adjusting the CKP sensor when it was installed, so new CKP, and flywheel.
Finally picked it up today.
Took the Commando to my buddy’s shop and started taking off the 1970s fuel/spark technology. Then started installing the 1990s technology. Going to TBI fuel injection on the AMC 360 using takeoffs from a Chevy van that had a 350 in it.
739E9EB0-A39E-4F82-81FD-C65917943609.jpeg 210EE2D3-A978-42E2-91C3-3266524485A1.jpeg F5297A86-E578-472C-9C1F-AB553DF84E38.jpeg
Got the TJ close to ready for the paint booth Monday. Still need to take the front bumper, winch, and good hardware off tomorrow. Got the flares off and looking good. Got all of the almost all of the scratches out of the tub and doors so it will match the new front paint. After it gets back from paint I think it will finally be time to put the new lift on. #pavementpounder

Oh and dinner looks good so I figured I’d share that too.

2DF7A67C-84BD-4534-B793-D8B00755AE1C.jpeg E0A8B483-EFB1-4041-92D8-7070116D0D41.jpeg B4E8936A-F67A-431F-BD81-38129E57DE08.jpeg
picked it up from getting the dash swapped and new heater core installed. Also made some 3/8” spacers to bring the tcase up a hair because the driveshaft was hitting the crossmember at droop. Most of the interior is in, Ive got some cleaning to do from sitting, and a few other details to button up....but progress is finally being made again...and I got to drive it! To be honest I burned myself out getting so much done in a short period of time to make my wedding with it. Thanks Hoonigan Build & Battle for the motivation to get back on it.

73C2B2F9-D935-4F6E-AEF3-AEFB3EE80B09.jpeg 6865FA64-9CC4-46FF-ABEB-CD3843597147.jpeg 84F4718E-F550-4A2B-AA86-D93C5E0B7672.jpeg
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Been plugging along on this thing the last few days getting some details ironed out to maybe wheel it. Made some switch panels for the lights, lockers, and heated seats. Also mounted my compressor on the inner fender which required relocating my charcoal canister. Should have everything wired up this week and hoping for a test run at gulches this weekend.

CDFA4286-5C83-4D47-9181-EAED53F95B40.jpeg A9017F39-40AB-4A6A-B3FD-2B9211470406.jpeg 6519DCCA-BA1D-41E4-AF80-914FB0F72BA2.jpeg EDB2E261-78E3-49A5-A5F5-895479697C68.jpeg