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What did you do to your rig Today? V2.0

Dammit, I got a PM from Richard to delete his double post and I was in the What would you do to your rig today about to post about adding grabars to our JK from my phone, so I went in to delete the post and my tapatalk crashed while I was deleting the post and I lost the whole thread.

I'll throw myself under the bus. So anyways, what did you do to your rig Today?
I need to get some fronts for Dads jeep. Be careful if anyone gets the ones for the back seat of a 4 door. They will knock your azz out in a split second. :frowny:
I need to get some fronts for Dads jeep. Be careful if anyone gets the ones for the back seat of a 4 door. They will knock your azz out in a split second. :frowny:
C'mon now, it didn't knock you out. Only thing that happened was your eyes crossed for a solid 5 minutes but you were still conscious!! And you may have slobbered a little.....
8.8 for the LJ? (didn't see the posts on 2nd page, caught that)

And random but Larry we have that same exact yellow cart for our football team and its in the bed of my truck right now. Those tires are shittay, ours won't hold air anymore
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Did a little work to the Samurai yesterday. Changed the oil (all 3.7 quarts of it :flipoff2: ), installed new exhaust hangers after the last one broke on the Gulches trip, installed new breather lines on the axles and a few other little things.

I REALLY need to get on storage in the rig. It has no storage, no cup holders, and the dash is crappy. I want to put an aluminum dash together but need to come up with some kind of brake.

Also found a wrecked Geo Tracker that still runs in Charleston for sale for $550. If he takes $500 I might be heading there this weekend to pick it up for a 1.6 fuel injected swap.
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I actually worked on my buggy. It feels good to not have to need to work on it. Prepping for Windrock this weekend I wanted to address a few things. Pulled the front driveshaft out to fix the bolts that had broken in Harlan. The three that were in there had survived a couple of Gulches trips, but I wanted to be back to 4 bolts on the flange. Drilled the new bolts for safety wire so they won't be backing out on me again. Found a loose front differential so I tightened that up. Also got my LED light bars mounted and ready. Now to get over there to check the fluids, replace a bent suspension link, and load it on a trailer. I also started clearing all the crap off the chassis table from the suburban motor rebuild so I can get back on the new buggy.
I finally got around to ordering new tires for the JK. The plan was to use an old set of 16" steelies I have laying around, but I got too sweet of a deal on a set of KO2s that I couldn't pass on. 275/70R18 will probably rub a little with the disconnects even with 18/59 springs.