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What did you do to your rc this week?

Gave the 1/16 Revo some Attention this week, Put in a CVD kit, Aluminum Tie Rod Links and a Front Aluminum skid plate. Also painted up the new body i've had laying around for months.
marcus thats an awesome esc. its what i run and have had no problems with it. that motor would be fast but no low end for crawling. its sensorless and for even decent crawlin performance with a brushless you need a sensored motor. go with the pro4, its a great motor and if you want real fast they make a 4000kv and 4600kv version. i run the 3300kv pro4
Yeah I honestly don't know how nothing broke. Nothing got real hot either and we were running it pretty well full throttle the whole time. The motor was pretty warm but everything else was normal.

May end up ordering a 3s battery when I order my charger.