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OSCAR 5 Black Mountain Offroad Park April 28-May 1, 2016

I have a minor conflict Sun AM that will put a huge damper on my Sat activities. I think I'm still good for the raffle and all though.


I'll probably go ahead and register even though I most likely won't make it. Somebody will just have to eat my share of the BBQ and bring me my shirt and prizes ;).
Thanks for getting it up. Time to get the buggy back up and ready for the trip.


How about checking to see if the t-shirt place can do a tall size? My wife doesn't wear wheeling shirts to much and nobody wants to see my crack hanging out all day.
I guess you need to find out before you go through with the whole marriage thing...
I don't know. Mine isn't a big fan of going and it means that I get guys weekends for wheeling. If she really likes it she will want to go every time you head out. I think Jan just dislikes mud so an open wheeled, tube chassis isn't her preference. That and apparently I drive like a crazy person.