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OSCAR 5 Black Mountain Offroad Park April 28-May 1, 2016

Thanks for putting this together, again. Can't wait. Are we planning on importing the "crack fries" over on the Putney side, or was that restricted to Harlan?
Legendary....mmmmm....since they appear about once a year, they are quite rare. I think the other term they are known as is Funnel Cake Fries. In the past, they were offered for sale at the gas station near the campground. After the damage th e floods did last year, they were not available since the station was not up and running. The OSCAR honchos took it on themselves to obtain the fries and make them available which resulted in great joy in the camp.

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Camping (non-electic). This is on a first come, first served basis. They have not taken reservations for primative camping. Since we are getting in on Thursday (the 28th) we should have first picks since we will be ahead of the weekenders. If you do call, you will talk to Steve or Kenny and both are aware of our group. Electric sites need reservations.

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