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Official Pull-a-part thread

Maybe this will help somebody get an idea of what's out there. Planned get-togethers or posting up some cool finds.

I'll be out there tomorrow at 10:00.
Rod is different. I have a 97 dual booster now and swapped the rod. I lost vacume boost. :( Once my bracket comes from my friend in TN I'll be able to start it and see if I fixed the vacume boost problem. I'll probalby have to pull the booster and see if I can fixe what I broke. If I cannot it'd be nice to have a 96 bosster that will bolt into the older xj's sitting on the shelf. ;) I think they show 2 96's on the site. Just don't know what all has been stripped. Thanks.
You're in luck!! Both the '96s have them intact. :grin:

Also found the GM caliper I was looking for. There were tons of them out there. $13 w/ warranty plus $2.06 core charge. Can't beat it.
I did not make it had too much going on. I will be going through there Saturday to go to Aiken. I will have my boys with me. Does anyone know if they will let them in with me?
I'm looking for a flush mounting tire carrier for 5 on 5.5. I need mainly for the lug pattern rather than drilling and placing stubs in plate myself. About a 5" standout would be perfect. Any idea what would have something like that? I doubt I'll make it there this week.
I got the brake boosters I needed yesterday afternoon. There was a black 97 up xj there but It had front end damage. There was a 99 on the lisst but I did not go look for it. There is a whit 95 2 door there that had font end damage and was mostly stripped. All the glass was there though.
Yeah, the '97 is smashed. I'm here now. I was just talking junk to Brian about it being a black one how I'd rob the fenders and grill and put it on mine.
I was there yesterday they had 2 grands come in and put down. I spy another yota 4x4 in the staging area, it may be in the lot now. I may have to go backand get some mroe stuf.
What year is the Toyota you saw Dan?

BTW, I counted at least 3 SRW full float 14 bolts out there. There's very little in the MOPAR section right now. I guess it's about time they weeded some out considering the same ones have been out there since last Thanksgiving.


My brother said there was a samurai in the staging area last weekend. It doesn't show on the inventory yet, but if anybody is there over the weekend let me know how complete it is and if it has any good aftermarket parts.
BTW... There's a late 80's lime green YJ out there right now. Spotted it a few days ago. Nothing left on it really. The rust is bad and has been wrecked on driver side. Still had leafs and axles though.