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M416 Trailer Build

I want to build one out of aluminum you think you could help me design it?
we could take measurements off mine if you want to.

Toss on some bigger tires, add some flexy springs and you are good to go!
yup, hopefully getting the tires from cole this week and mounting them friday.

Dont want the springs to be too flexy, but soft is good. Dont want this thing needing a swaybar haha.

Today I'm working on making some shock mounts, since the stock ones cant be used after the Spring over. I'm also tentatively looking at building some fender guards to keep the trees out of the fenders.
Did a little more work on the M416 yesterday while the weather was nice. I finished up the details of the SOA like making the landing leg match the trailer height, making new shock mounts, and hooking up the parking break. I had to make drop brackets for the parking brake cable and then make an extension. I plan to buy a long eye bolt to replace the bent solid rod I used. I dont think my 3/16" solid rod is up to the task.

I also started on some fender guards/step rails but somehow didnt get a picture of them. Here are some cell phone pics in the dark garage...

before SOA after removing the shock

Realized I would have to pull the springs one one end as the drum wouldnt fit between the frame and spring.

On its weight for the first time post SOA.

testing the hitch hight

in process of making the new land leg extension.

I took the fenders off to straighten them so they would line up with my new rub rails.

New Shock mounts welded on

New Landing Leg Extension in place.

Parking Brake Drop brackets

Shocks Mounted in new mounts
shot a quick picture with the trailer on the way out of the Toys 4 Tots ride this weekend.


handled well with the new Spring Over, although it does hinder rear visibility more now.
So to update this, with our daughter the RTT seemed to be a little tight for the three of us plus a dog. So we put it up for sale. A few weeks later it was on its way to Georgia and the trailer was naked for the first time in a while.

I knew there was only one place who had what I wanted ready to go, so I called up my buddy Steve at southeast overland and ordered the next size up. The. The grueling 4 days of waiting for it to be delivered.

I had it delivered to a commercial address to save some shipping costs, thanks Tripp.

Last night I was able to unbox it and get it mounted. That takes some creativity with one person. Wow this thing is huge. Looking forward to setting it up all the way this week or weekend before our camping trip to edisto next weekend.




You could easily fit our old tent inside of this tent.
Very nice.

For me it is that time of year to make another trailer :) Probably wont do the tent top though, but that tent looks like it may fit my whole family :)