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Guzzy Build

At least he'll be well versed in the disassembly part.
It actually came apart way easier than I thought. Its the putting it back together that will be more timely. I have a labeled baggy with every bolt and clip i removed. Sorted by part it came from and location on the jeep.

Ordered new clutch and flywheel today to try to fix the chatter I have had for the last few years.

I'm on the fence on buying some new high clearance body mounts. Also need to buy some new body mount bushings as mine are rusty and cracked.


Yep, same here. Didn't see any advantage in the higher priced options.

For the hardware, we put everything we could back in the part it came out of to limit the baggies.
Well I was out of town this past week. Today I removed the control arm brackets and some of the other old frame brackets. Then measured, marked, cut, made the sleeves and almost put it back together when I ran out of welding gas. Gotta fill up tomorrow and hopefully get the frame back in one piece.
Lookin good Skerb. I assume you are plug welding the inserts for the frame extensions? Hard to tell on the phone. What thickness tube is that, just curious.
This is essentially how I measured for my cut. I didnt document it very well in photos, but I was basically using a number of center punch marks to check before and after.
FrameCut.jpg TJ-6 Frame Cuts.jpg


With your tub off, those would make sense. I didnt go that route because I wouldn't be able to weld the top well anyway, and they are for 1.25". My body lift pucks are 1".

Also, those gain you clearance, but aren't smooth like the SWAG ones.
I think mine is a 1" body lift, so that may be a problem. I do like that the swag look a good bit beefier.
anyone have a few 1.25 body lift pucks laying around? I need to check tonight, but I think mine are 1". I would only need 3-5 , as I would be rebuilding all of the other mounts. Larry, is yours a 1.25? you would have 6 extras afterwords eh?