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Guzzy Build

picked up a length of TJ frame rail from cole this weekend. Slowly getting parts together for this.

Anyone have a back seat for a 04-06 TJ/LJ they want to get rid of?


If you can get the seats away from the wheel well, you could possibly use JK seats.
That's an interesting idea. The JK seat is a little wider and has head rests. Brooks' plan involves moving the wheel openings back to have TJ overhang, but I don't think modifying the interior wheel wells was in the plan. The bestop trail max seat may be a good option too. When my kids get out of car seats I'll be looking for something with head rests.

Brooks, do you have Matt on the lookout for a seat?
Your planning on modifying guzzy with a new tub and stretched frame?

If you like the JK seats, it’s not bad cutting the seats down and trimming the foam to make it look natural. You would just have to get creative with a sewing machine or pay someone to recover it.