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Guzzy Build

Yeah, I was surprised that nothing on that inner fender was damaged. Did your coilover hoop take some of the impact?
looks to me like the fender structure took most of the hit. It buckled the fender in a crazy way through all sorts of reinforcement. The coilover hoop didn't hit anything nor did my power steering reservoir.
New Hood took some convincing to go on. I'm thinking it's a mix of my jeep probably being nowhere near straight, and this Hood being off a wrecked LJ. Got it close enough for me.

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after having the new coils on for a year, it didnt settle at all, so I took out the 1" spacers I had out back to lower it back down a little. I plan to lower the front to match.
So guzzy has been the same for a few years, but I have always wanted to stretch it out. And with a kid and dogs, space inside has always come at a premium. After paying off the JK, its time to start. My plan is 108" wb in TJ6 style package. I was originally planning something like ken Shupee did back in the day to the TJ that Barclay bought. But I recently found an LJ tub that I'm hoping is a good candidate. I am working through aquiring the rest of the parts.

Jeep LJ Tub
15" frame stretch
LJ PSC daddy long legs Rockers and Corner armor

The goal is to have an LJ length tub with a TJ rear overhang. This will give me a bit longer belly, but its still 8 inches shorter than a JKU.


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Drove 6 hours to Chattanooga to pick up an LJ tub from a Jeep Salvage place only to arrive and he has a TJ tub waiting for me... Back to the drawing board. He said he felt really bad for the misunderstanding and is going to try to find me an LJ tub. But for now, we are still on square 1. Parts acquisition....