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Ok with a lot of staring,measuring,brain storming and of course beer drinking. I come up with a simple solution to my spare tire mounting problem. Just gunna make a three point mount on the trail rail to get it off the floor of the bed. This will put it at about a 45 degree angle. So it will show off the matching wheel and tire. Only draw back is it will block the rear view mirror but I have a back up camera anyway. Oh and I will have to lose the bed cover. Then I will build a bed rack to carry the kayaks and mount some rotopax gas cans and maybe a high lift jack,shovel and some other corny stuff. Eventually I plan on getting the Decked drawer system. Should have plenty of storage then.
Just saw a white rubicon Gladiator on 37s and black wheels dropping off a kid at school and I was wondering why you were over here in chapin. This one didnt have a bar on the front bumper.