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Really? I ordered the Warn mid grill bull bar and a winch mount plate. Gunna order the winch and some lights next week. Lift and tires come in on Wednesday. I think the bumper will look better then.
Remember, this is coming from the person with a full width ARB. I like the fender protection.
Got some parts in today. Don’t like how close it is to the tow hooks. And honestly don’t like the open tow hooks. I’ve seen some that mount under the bumper but won’t work with the skid plate.

BC1A4723-8C94-48D4-AC13-BF8A102A31DD.jpeg 4313D9E0-D67E-4475-A5AE-C4DFA3D5D95F.jpeg F345C570-38C1-420C-9BE8-7449907E96AB.jpeg
Would be nice to have the tire mount incorporated into part of a kayak rack with the front part over the cab removable when not carrying yaks.