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1958 Land Rover Series 1

All the fluids have been checked and topped off.
I added some fuel today to see if this thing will roar.
At first i found a small leak at the fuel outlet on the tank, quickly fixed.
Tried again and the engine burped like it was out of time.
Checked again and found out i was off 1 wire because this is a post 1988 4.3L and had it set to an early version.
Tried it but the battery was too weak.

Charged for an hour

What a beautiful sound.

Just need to bleed the brakes so i can stop and it will be time to take it for a test drive.
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Tonight was the first drive!!!

It did fine going around the block. I was a touch scared and had a fire extinguisher with me. I did have some clutch fluid leak on the exhaust wrap so i didnt want it to catch on fire.
Power steering turns perfect.
The brakes are still a double pumper but at least i know it is most likely some bubbles in the line still. But it does stop real nice when pressurized.

It is a different experience when driving on the right hand side.
It was a sensory overload just going around the block. Happy that i am driving. Anxious because I am listening for any bad sounds and remembering to shift with the left hand. hahahaha
Just when you think things are going good.

So i am still fighting the brakes, i went to the correct size MC and still do not have the brakes I want.
I pulled my pedals and went back over the ratio. For manual brakes i need 6:1, i had 5:1 because i changed something a while ago. I redid my mounting and i am at 6.1:1. That is where i am not, but i took a brake from that (no pun intended) and went to install my new rear driveshaft.
Well i pulled the flange and a bunch of oil came out that was trapped between the flanges. So i went to install a new seal. Popped the old one out and hammered the new one in. I put the yoke on and the pinion barely comes through the flange. WTF!!! I know i did tap the pinion once with teh hammer when putting in the seal, but nothing that should have pushed it through. So it is time to pull the 3rd member.

This being a FJ40 rear axle, it is a C Clip design. Kind of odd having a cover on the Toyota axle.
So I drained the oil and it was real gnarly.

I ran my finger on the bottom of the housing and it was like gritty mud . :( No pieces but literally felt like dirt was in there.
There was some rust on the cover and on carrier, but nothing bad or unusable.

Odd seeing just an empty void in the housing

3rd on the bench

The bearings did not look that bad. What i did not like is the pinion gear slides in and out of the outer bearing relatively easy. When originally pulling the flange i did notice the pinion nut was waaaaaayyyyy loose. it only stayed on because it was staked.
What I also noticed the 3rd did not have a crush sleeve, or have a solid spacer for shims. So the previous owner was into it and i guess decided to not put any preload in on the pinion. So i am going to get a rebuild kit and put it back together correct. I think the worst thing about it all, besides the smell or gear oil an mess, is the ratio of the ring and pinion is 3.70. But the tires are not huge and with the V6 it runs fine. Now to order a rebuild kit and have at it. Then i can finally try the brakes out again.
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The Rover has been driving a bit more lately. I had my first "long" distance drive and it did fine, but i need a shift boot for my Tcase, the heat from the engine is a blast furnace straight up my leg when cruising down the road. I ended up swapping out the Steering gear to one that will keep the fluid in the system. We went to the local car show last week and on the way home we got caught in a big storm. My daughter, her friend and me got soaked. Not a problem, that is the fun of having a rig like this, BUT not have wipers was not fun. Good thing we were real close to home.
I ordered a canvas top and I cant wait to get that on. In the meantime i did a quick clean and paint on the hard top and got it off my garage floor. I will need to get a hoist to get it up in the rafters. I do not plan on using the hard top much, but i am glad I do have it. I do ned to put the windows back in it.

I finally got the soft top for the Rover. Took 3 months to cross the pond because of being backordered.
Now to finally be able to drive it without having my head burn.

The bow structure is pretty substantial compared to the factory Jeep offering

The top is actual canvas with real rope and straps and brass buckles.

The sad thing is the top and bows were cheaper than Bestop kits that include the bows and hardware. And that is with the shipping from England.