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1958 Land Rover Series 1

So almost got the last big part of the build done. The Rover originally had through the floor pedals, but they were rotted pretty good, I tossed them and was going to make pedals to come from above the footwell. Well i was not happy with the way it would look so I ended up making my own through the floor pedals.

The Master cylinders are under the floor board. I am using a Corvette brake cylinder and just an after market Clutch MC.

I spent a bit doing the research on pedal ratio and lengths for the pedals.

I used 3/8 flat stock for the pedal arms, some round rod for the rod that goes to the foot part. The sleeves have brass bushings to have a smooth movement

Mocking the outrigger up in the vise

Mocked on the rig, figuring out the spacing between the pedals on the shaft

The pedals welded up to the spacer and the white things are just spacers. I need to paint it all

I still need to pull off the outrigger and weld everything up on it and make a skid plate bracket to protect the setup. Then start plumbing the brakes and mount the slave cylinder.
I am glad i got this part done, it has been killing me to figure out this part.
The outrigger is welded in and it is all sitting pretty.

I welded in a skid plate to protect the pushrods and to make it a bit more presentable.

The final product for this part. I still need to make the pads for the pedals, but that should not be that hard.

Lots of little loose ends taken care of today.

Made some grill supports to bulkhead and added a YJ hood prop to it, so not more 2x4s to hold the hood up

Finished my spring mounts by boxing and adding support to them to make them a bit better looking

Set the caster angle and welded up the spring perches to the axles, so it is done
Added some tabs for the brake lines, removed old tabs from the axle and get things ready for the brake lines that will come in this week.
Knocked off another project. The Rover front bumper was original but really rotted out.
I build this one to mimic the original style. It is out of 3x3 square tubing. The Land Rover is looking complete.

I still haven't touched the Rover in a bit, but I am ramping up to have at it. I got a piece of jewelry for it from a good friend in Florida.

Of course it is just sitting on the bumper, i am going to try and sink it into the bumper, i have to notch the bumper about an inch to get it to fit.
Pulled the Land Rover apart to do final welds on the frame and do body work.
I am also addressing things I was not happy with with the build up.

I was not happy with the rear shackles. Originally they seemed fine when i first fabbed it up, but i noticed that after the full weight was on the springs the shackle angle was too much and once i add the hard top, the shackle will hit the frame. So I ended up cutting the shackle mounts and moving them back an inch and I am pretty happy with that.

Another issue i had was the rear body was not aligned properly with the bulkhead. You would never notice unless you looked at the body line with the doors on. The body mount brakets were a smidge off. I pulled off the brackets and i will remount the tub and redo the mounts. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and go back and re finish to make a person happy.

Well I have been busy doing stuff I HATE... Body Work.
I sanded everything down and spent time on the fenders to repair various cracks and missing parts. Filling in the extra holes and closed up the large hole for the second lamp on the fender. It was added at some point and i do not need it.


I started to put down some color. Since all of these panels are interior and not even seen much I brushed on the paint.

I primered up the tub last night, today i made it look pretty on the inside

Mind you this is not a "restoration", there will be flaws and what not, I want to get it back on the road/trail where it belongs.
I put down the paint on the bulkhead and some other parts. I got everything done and put back inside before the rain started.

It is a good 5 footer rig . :)
I finished painting the various pieces. Just finished up the entire gallon. I was running low and really did not want to have to buy another gallon and waste alot of it. They only sell spray cans and gallons of this color :(

Started on painting the chassis. Next is to run the rear brakelines and then put the rear tub back on to make some room in the garage.

It is starting to get serious now, I think i can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Pulled the motor/gearboxes today. Put the tub back on to get more room in the garage. Final welded the motor mounts and added some extra supports for them, I did not like having plain angle iron supporting the mounts. Painted it all. Now to start reassembling everything. It is starting to become a thing . :)

Oh and i will paint the axles. still need to weld the rear perches on. I wanted to get it together with all the weight on it before i do that.
I need to do the exhaust on the Rover so i can continue on putting it back together. BUT I am still having a hard time making the exhaust work the way i want it to, so I decided to mount the winch and get it off the workbench. I still want to do some more bracing on the winch mount, i am not 100% about it. It is on, so i can continue on and try and figure out the exhaust.

I got the exhaust mocked up during the hurricane. I don't really like doing exhaust work, but it has to be done.
I got a pretty good kit from summit racing to do the exhaust


Only issue was the flange to the exhaust manifold was larger than what i had, but i reused the original flanges i had and welded them on the flex pipe.

The original was i was going to run the exhaust was down the left side of the Rover, but i was not satisfied. My Dad suggested i go to the other side. I slept on the decision. Went back today and flipped the crossover point and it worked out well, and now i am away from the brake lines.

Now i need to fully weld everything and probably give it a spray of aluminized high heat paint to try an protect it.
Order my muffler and o2 sensor bung, and I can put the bulkhead on and continue on assembling the Rover.