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1958 Land Rover Series 1

Exhaust is done. Added the rest of the exhaust behind the muffler and wrapped the exhaust in a few spots to try and keep things happy next to the exhaust

With some help (Thanks Mike!) I got the Bulkhead back on and i hung the doors to just see how it looks in the sunlight . :)

Next I am going to remount the winch, it interferes with the grill now, once i put the headlights in :(
and work on getting the fuel system up to snuff.
I assembled a bit more. The interior is looking so much different than it used to



I am working on getting the driveshafts on, the Ujoints came in and will keep on truckin getting things done.
this thing is awesome. its like legos, but with a ton of custom work to make them fit together. I just now noticed when reading the whole thread that it was RHD.
I got it out into the sun today. it will be nice to eventually be able to drive it out of the garage instead of pushing it.
I finished the rear end install. Set the pinion angle and welded the perches on and welded on the shock mounts. Everything is now bolted up.
Driveshafts are bolted up.

I will be starting the wiring soon. i have the fuel system lines run, just need to get a fuel resistant fuel pump harness to get the pump ready for wiring. Then get a fuel filter inline and make some brackets to hold my fuel and power steering hard lines.
Not that much done today, but i did decide on where to put my electrical heart of the vehicle.
There is a fairly large storage box under the passenger seat. I am able to fit the battery, Engine ECM and the fuse block

I can hide it all in there and keep the technology hidden so it still seems a bit vintage . ;)
Well i have slacked off. Been busy working and the decision to slow down with the wiring, has been reeeeaaally slow. I have the computer harness lengthened and roughly ran across the botor, but that is about it.

I did splurge and got myself the rear seats for my Christmas present to myself.

I need to get off my arse to finish up, this time change is still killing me and taking out whatever motivation i have after work :(
Slowly the wiring is getting terminated.
I got most of the computer harness completed, and am just about finished the power needs. Then it is the lights and dash and them secure everything.

I got the dash all wired up and installed.

Working on more of the engine bay stuff and the headlights. I am going to send the injectors out for a rebuild and then i believe i can start the rig in about 2 weeks.
Going a little slower than the two weeks the last post said . :(

BUT I do have my lights working

I do need to troubleshoot the front left turn signal, it is not working, but the rest are.

The electric fan works and i had a click at the starter relay. I then realized that i did not lengthen the main cable from starter to the battery, so that is why it did not crank . ;)

Next i need to put the ECM in and plug it in and pray i do not fry it and then chase the fuel pump wiring because i did not have it turn on with the key. Baby steps but real close to putting fluids in and giving it a crack at starting
I started adding fluids to the systems.
Clutch is filled and bled
Brakes are filled and i had to replace the rear wheel cylinders (FJ40 has two cylinders per side) still need to bleed some more, pedal is still soft.
Replaced the spark plugs and wires
This weekend i will put the ECM in and see if it blows up.

I also found my wheels for the Rover
Toyota T100
Old rims

New Rims

Going to look a bit more original... if that is possible with this build :)

Added some paint today

Now I need to find some 33x12.50x15 tires since the the wheels on the truck are 16".