“Hatari” cj7

Sorry, It’s been a while sense I updated this thread, the 4.3 that is in it barely finished the MCJ Christmas ride @ Uwharrie. It started smoking worse and the rods were banging like a midget with a sledgehammer. I picked a new engine for my M37, so I decided to use the 305 that was in it for cj. The 305 was way under power for the M37, but should be just fine in much lighter cj.

33559107-CFA2-4297-AD62-961FC843D745.jpeg 9D7342A0-FD6B-4560-A5F4-8645E2ACC35B.jpeg 1730F3B6-E67B-4B79-BD6B-187DA9CC1DAF.jpeg 9F35425C-187F-4DCD-8A47-BDE2B4D2AEF1.jpeg
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I've been looking into the Rebel and the Lincoln smart mig's for when I can upgrade. How do you like it? I've heard good things about the unit but bad things about customer service from ESAB.