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“Hatari” cj7

The 4.3 is sitting in its new home, the chevy weld in motor mounts kit is sweet, well worth the $60. I really wanted to use the headers, but it will put the exhaust right in to the front drive shaft, so I will have to put stock manifolds on.

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That looks good. I am not sure that I have ever had that much room in front of a motor after swapping something in.
That’s with the t-case mounted in the factory bolt holes on the skid, I could have moved it forward, but in that location there is room to install a v8 in the future if I want. That motor and trans fit like a glove

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I picked up a set of seat frames and a roll bar the other day, and scored a awesome deal on a windshield frame, I don’t think it has ever been on a jeep

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Got my new 3 core v8 radiator yesterday
picked a fan assembly from pull a part out of a pt cruiser with the wiring for $12, made some sheet metal mounts, fits pretty good

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Been a while sense I posted any pics
got part of the roll cage in, still have some more pieces to weld in( ran out of tube)
steering linkage is installed
got a set of seats out of a 07 chevy cavalier at pall a part, still need to get some covers

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My 4wd shifter is done, simple push pull, going to put a cable shifter in later on
switch panel is mounted and all the gauges are operational

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