“Hatari” cj7

I may have missed it but what’s the specs on that steering linkage? I need to redo my Cj linkage.

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1 1/4” dom with 5/8 heims, I would give you the lengths, but I’m running wide track axles, wouldn’t be the same for your narrow axle

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I was having a hard time trying to make the alternator charge, so I fabricated a adapter bracket and bolted a 10SI delco alternator up

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Last week I discovered a crack in the passenger side of the block on my 4.3, so I had to find a new motor in a hurry
i picked this one up Sunday, checked the bearings out, put a new oil pump, timing chain set and water pump. Almost done, I still have to get some testing in before Oscar, 🤞🏻

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What corners are you doing? Also, I have some Warn rockers i'm going to be selling. Also have some poison spyder alum. corners
I’m not sure yet what corners I’m going to get, I want to four link the rear and stretch the wheelbase a few inches. Pm me a price on the sliders
My trip to Gulches yesterday yielded some awesome carnage to my cj7, I have seen this happen before, but I have never had it happen to me. It broke the bell housing in half, I’m pretty sure the trans mount broke and caused it to brake. When it happened the trans hit the floor board followed by a very load pop.

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