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“Hatari” cj7

I may have missed it but what’s the specs on that steering linkage? I need to redo my Cj linkage.

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1 1/4” dom with 5/8 heims, I would give you the lengths, but I’m running wide track axles, wouldn’t be the same for your narrow axle

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I was having a hard time trying to make the alternator charge, so I fabricated a adapter bracket and bolted a 10SI delco alternator up

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Last week I discovered a crack in the passenger side of the block on my 4.3, so I had to find a new motor in a hurry
i picked this one up Sunday, checked the bearings out, put a new oil pump, timing chain set and water pump. Almost done, I still have to get some testing in before Oscar, 🤞🏻

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