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White TJ build

Set my motor in last Friday for hopefully the last time. Also got the oil and filter changed. Re routed/bent my stock fuel line to line up better. Installed the automatic shifter assembly and realized the ZJ cable isn't going to work. Should've grabbed the one off the TJ I got the assembly from. ec1f6bca42ea7aac69bbc56f772c3b21.jpg

Also received my wiring harness finally after almost two months. For the price and all not too excited bout what I got back but as long as it works It'll be fine. Started laying it out on the engine yesterday and hopefully get some more time this coming week to start plugging up
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Some issues I've ran in to. TJ throttle cable doesn't work on the 5.9. Hopefully one from the ZJ will. Also tried to hook up the transfer case shift linkage that Ronnie made. Not sure if I'm having a brain fart or what but it was working right. Don't want to but may have to go Novak cable shifter. Pic shows t-case in 4low when handle is in 2high. Only way they would connect. 9576e90338087fd237e207aa1dd01e79.jpg

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Got a few kinks worked out. Got a throttle cable from a ram 1500 that works. The ZJ nor the TJ cable worked. Also got my automatic transmission shifter cable figured out. To be able to use the stock ZJ shifter cable I took a bracket off the ZJ mount and tacked it on with some spacers to get it even. Seems to work pretty good. All I know of I'm lacking on the engine now is getting new batter terminals and making sure all the grounds are in place. Then hopefully she'll fire up!


And just cause I wanted to see if it all lines up right...

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Well it's been long over due but I finally fired her up! It's a helluva feeling to have it crank on the first try! I was gonna post the video but doesn't look like I can do that on my phone anymore.

Still got a good bit to do cleaning up wires and getting my radiator situation figured out but it feels good to have it running!

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I may eventually get around to updating the thread again after the great disaster. But for now I’ll just update what all I got done this past weekend.
Finished up checking over everything. Welded everything in for good. Repainted my axle and all the brackets. Painted and installed my barnes 2” drop skid plate. Fit like a glove. Only lack bleeding the brakes but the bleeder valves were rusted shut so wasn’t able to yet.

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About got my fuel cell wrapped up. It’s plumbed and I just need to get some wire to extend my pump harness. Had to order some more -6AN hose and a 90* fitting for the vent. Motobilt didn’t mention in the details of the TJ fuel cell it’s a size 6 vs 8 like the RCI cells. But on the bright side summit had my Parts the next day.

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Haven’t updated this lately. Progress has been slow the last month. All been riding on me finishing up my Gear install on the 8.8. But I have got the D44 out and all the brackets cut off and pretty much ready to throw the 8.8 in. Was hoping to finish up the Gear install last night but found out my carrier is warped. I had backlash dead on then rotated pinion and then didn’t have backlash. Turns out the carrier is .0025 out. So I pulled the ring Gear and bearings off last night and ordered a new G2 open carrier. Should be here today, gotta love summit!

I also ordered some new blank corner armor from motobilt over Black Friday for $280 shipped!

Here’s some pics
Bad carrier

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did you confirm that the carrier is bad other than checking the backlash setting? I had a precision gear set do that to me once (i was installing new gears and a new e-locker) and it was do to pinion depth being slightly off. Finally got the pinion depth dialed in and the backlash would then stay uniform throughout rotating the carrier.

some brand of gears can be real finicky to get set up.
I think I confirmed it enough. I stuck the dial indicator on the side of the ring Gear. Spun it through a full round multiple times and gathered that the ring Gear would move side to side .0025 through the rotation. Do you think it still could be pinion depth?

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I'm not sure what an acceptable run-out is on a carrier. You could check the carrier to make sure it wasn't the ring gear giving the misreading as well.
Well, Day 3 of install and it’s almost done. Once I got the new carrier in and installed I basically had to start from scratch. Finally got good backlash painted it and the pinion depth was too shallow. Long story short finally got the pinion depth looking right and backlash good.
Since I’m going to six lug I had to press out the studs to mark the rotors and get a good mark to drill out the new 6x5.5 pattern.
Started back on the axle wth the locker install. Got all the way to the fourth pin and spring and something wasn’t right. The c-clip on the drivers side must’ve fall out some. Tore the locker back out. C-clip appeared in the right spot. Put it all back together. Went to slide the cross pin in and of course, I need to grind two of the ring Gear teeth down to get it in. Stupid. So that’s where I left it tonight. Next time I believe I’ll take it to someone to do.

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Finally buttoned up the 8.8. Got it back to the house and sitting under the jeep. Centered and pushed back 6” right now. Got to modify the lower CA brackets like I did the fronts and gotta clean up the inside frame rail some more for the uppers to mount. Bad news is, Work is sending me back out on the road again. My almost 15 month streak of working in town and commuting to the job site has come to an end. Will try to keep the progress rolling on the weekends I’m home.

Only pic I got from today before I loaded it up in the truck

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Yeah and I’m in Bennetsville, SC til probably first of the year and then they have me slated to a job in Greensboro then

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Work on the jeep this afternoon. Got all my brackets welded up. Got the lowers tacked on. Had some extra help today and they got the frame cleaned up for the upper mounts too. Only thing left welding wise is burning in upper mounts and deciding how I’m gonna mount my upper coil bucket.


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