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What do you think?

So I took my '13 JKU in for the following warranty work.

- oil leak
- popping out of 4 lo
- knock in suspension
- traction control light on

This is all my Windrock damage.

Where I need help is they told me that my front axle is not the stock axle and therefore they can't address popping out of 4 low without knowing what it's geared at. They want to pull diff covers to try and figure out gearing and said the price will start at $330. They think it might be a rubicon axle. If it is they think warranty will cover if not I'm on my own. The only problem with that is there are no numbers or markings on the axle. They don't think rear is stock either.

Oil leak is was from a crack in the oil cooler housing. They replaced the cooler.

They said they can't touch the knock because it is aftermarket lift but, the problem with that is that I'm almost positive the lift is nothing more than rubicon springs and Blistein shocks. I ran the tag on the springs and it came back stock rubicon spring.

Should I suck it up and pay to have them figure it out or go back to the dealer I bought it from and fight with them about telling me it was still under full warranty. Option 3 is to figure it out on my own.

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Popping out of 4 low has nothing to do with the axle gears. Take a pic of your front axle and we can tell you if its a rubicon axle, but it doesn't matter. With the popping in the suspension you probably just have a loose control arm bolt. After wheeling it for the weekend it can sometimes loosen a bolt. Is your steering wheel exactly straight when driving down the road?

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Not since Windrock it isn't. The dealer said it could be popping out because the front and rear aren't geared the same.

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So the Solid differential cover is definitely a D40 cover. I will post some pics tomorrow of axel for your thoughts.

Thank you

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Do you have any freetime this weekend? stop by my house this weekend and we can take a look at it. I would avoid dropping the $300 just to have them look.
ARB was already in. I'm going to ask if they attempted to adjust linkage. If not I will adjust. I may have some time I will let you know thank you. I guess it's time I get into it and figure out exactly what I'm working with.

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Pull the diff convers?

You can compare the rotations of the drive shaft to one rotation of the tires and get the gear ratio. Some people don't think this is not accurate, but for example, the difference between 3.07 and 3.42 is almost half a rotation of the driveshaft. You can tell when the driveshaft is almost half way around from where you started. There are only so many ratios out there, come on people.
So got home a little to late to get good pictures but, I did do some measurements. The front axle is 2.5" O.D. and the rear is 3.25" O.D. those are approximate but real close. I did the measure outside circumference then divide by 3.14145 method. Based off the measurements I would agree with the dealership that the front isn't factory but, the rear may be. Both have a Solid brand D44 cover on them.




I will get better pictures.
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Those look like some nice axles to me. If you wheeled with a group, someone would have noticed if the ratio was different enough to pop it out of gear, especially on gravel or dirt. Do JK housings have the gussets on the inner C's like that? Are those not Solid 44's? I've never looked at a JK axle closely.

Mine is a Rubicon 44 with gussets. I don't think those pics show enough to determine more than a gusseted 44 with a Solid cover. Although there looks to be a little difference in the casting of your knuckle and mine.....

I guess yours isn't a Rubicon? Is that why there is even a question? Mine is not a Rubicon but has the axles out of a 2008 Rubi.

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that is a 44 front, with some gussets, I didn't even notice at windrock. I saw sport and assumed it was stock haha.

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I noticed my traction control/ESC light was on after I test drove my JK when I put the 18/59 springs in. Straightening up the steering wheel by adjusting the drag link fixed it. Might want to give that a shot.