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Most of you know that when I put my Jeep together I purchased a Teraflex lift kit. Complete with coils, shocks, swaybar disconnects and accessories. In my limited experience, I think it has done a great job. Also it was delivered in a timely manner. This is all old news. But what has prompted me to create this post is my most recent experience with them. Three weeks ago was my first trip to 33. Well, I forgot to disconnect my swaybar links. With all the flexing that the Jeep wanted to do, one of them went ahead and disconnected itself. Well, actually, the axle mount completely broke off and then once the whole link was dangling, I'm sure the tire completed the job by ripping it off. So here was my issue. I needed basically half of a swaybar quick disconnect kit. Which runs $134 as a whole kit. I sent a request for assistance through their website and after a few emails back and forth, I have my parts on the way............... for $26 + shipping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told them it sounded too good to be true and they basically told me that they help out their customers and don't like to see them pay for something twice, at least retail price.

So for those of you out there that steer away from Teraflex because of the initial price, I have to tell my story to show you that down the road it will all work itself out. I appreciate the time Teraflex took to help me solve my problem.
I ran a teraflex bb on my JK and it was an awesome kit for the money and helped set up my jeep fairly complete for the money! There were a great company to deal with!