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  1. S

    Greenville Pickens ORV Park

    Located: 3800 Calhoun Memorial Hwy Easley, SC Follow Facebook page for up to date openings/closings. Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm $25 per rig/driver $5 per passenger Kids 12 & Under Free Jeeps, 4x4s, ATVS, SXS and dirt bikes all are welcome! 280 acres of trail riding, mud holes, hill climbs and...
  2. A

    Dual Sport Motorcycle

    Looking for a Dual Sport for commuting to and from work while also being capable of hitting some local trails on the weekends. Looking at a bike to save money on gas and parts for the Jeep in the long run. I'd prefer something in the 350cc to 650cc range so that I don't get run over in traffic...
  3. M

    Cleaning out the garage - Lots of stuff

    Lots for sale: Listed is below is what I have gone through so far. I am open to offers (bundles, etc.). Text me at 843-338-1131, if you're interested in something(s) and we can hopefully work out a deal. I am located near Lake Murray Dam, and will meet over on this side of Columbia for any...
  4. WolfGT

    Clemson4Wheel Center

    Took my Jeep (2002 Wrangler) in to get some work done. Here is what I needed: Replace front (Dana 30) ring and pinion Replace the axle seals on that Dana 30 Go over the suspension linkage, inspect and lube all joints Replace rear bump stop Check the front end alignment I took it in yesterday...
  5. 97TJGUZZY

    New Gears for a Ford 8.8

    Gear installs seem to be the redheaded stepchild of the automotive industry. No one wants to mess with them, and everyone has some interesting stories to share. While the installation of gears may seem like rocket science if you have read through some of the installation instructions, with the...
  6. WolfGT

    Choosing Tire Size

    Went to TeraFlex.com today to do some shopping and they had this on the main page. Looked like good information for basic knowledge of tire sizes when it comes to Jeep and offroading. Here ya go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlFiJnAfEI8
  7. WolfGT


    Most of you know that when I put my Jeep together I purchased a Teraflex lift kit. Complete with coils, shocks, swaybar disconnects and accessories. In my limited experience, I think it has done a great job. Also it was delivered in a timely manner. This is all old news. But what has prompted me...
  8. WolfGT

    TJ Dana 30 & 35

    I have the stock Dana 30 and Dana 35 out of my 2002 Jeep Wrangler (TJ). They are in totally stock configuration and are in perfect working order as far as I know. They were removed when I upgraded to stronger axles. While they were in service, I never broke anything on them. Make me an offer.
  9. WolfGT

    Beadlocks Coning

    I noticed that when I put the beadlocks on the Jeep that they bent a little bit after tightening the first time. I didn't really know if that was a problem (and still don't) but after a little research it appears to be called coning. Where the outer part of the beadlock ring sits on the tires...
  10. WolfGT

    WolfGT 02 TJ

    Well here is my Jeep. I'll start this thread with two pictures. The way it was when purchased and the way it sits today. This first entry will be updated as time progresses to include the most current "today" picture and what mods are currently on it. Entries will be made containing details. As...
  11. WolfGT

    Cleaning of soft top windows

    Wondering what the best method of cleaning the windows on a soft top is. 1. What material and cleaner should I use to clean the windows on a regular basis? 2. Are there any specific chemicals that should be avoided? 3. Is there a recommended method to clean up existing scratches and haze...
  12. WolfGT

    What axles are in my jeep?

    After the trip up to Bumpus Cove with the Mid Carolina Jeepers Club yesterday, I have found a lot of weeknesses on my Jeep that I need to work on. But first, I need to figure out what I am working with. The following question may be difficult to answer since we have discovered an oddity. I...