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Riding this weekend?

Looking like if I go anywhere, it'll be to Aonia Pass MX in Washington Ga. Roughly about 2 hours from Clemson. Thats where round 2 of this years GNCC series is and if all go accordingly, I'll be racing in that one so hopefully I can get some practice in there. Whoever wants to go is welcome!
Yeah, everyone I've talked to says its a fun track. Pretty fast too. I guess I'll see. Hopefully I'll be able to get some good lap times in so ill know what to expect come March.

Anybody else have a competitive drive and wanna race with me this coming season?
I keep wanting to buy a YFZ450 to race with, but I always end up talking my self out of it beacause thats less jeep money!!
Marcus, you have no idea. haha. I deal with that dilemma everyday (as well as every paycheck). :shaking:

Too many hobbies that require too much money.
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