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Riding this weekend?

It's been almost two weeks and i haven't ridden so i'm having withdrawals. Anybody want to go ride this weekend? Deciding between Durhamntown saturday or staying closer and running to Parson's Mtn sunday for a couple hours. Just let me know.
If you go to parsons mountain I might could meet you there on a ktm 450sx. I've ridden those trails all my life and been wanting to ride some more.
Damn! I had to change my underwear for nothing then. Those KTM quads are pure sex!

But yeah ill let you know if i end up going. Probably be a good idea to not ride alone anyways.
Ya it's the same motor just 2wheel form. You ever ridden parsons mountain? I'll need to ride out there and make sure it's open still they close sometime for season. Curl tail is real close to it as well and is fun.
I was afraid of that. If your not scared of Riding on the road we can sneak in from my friends house :)

Ya Chris has a ktm 300exc, 450sx and Yamaha 400 or 450 that I can ride whenever.
yeah i usually call before i head down there. thats the problem with that type of trail. Same thing happens with the enoree trails. oh well. ill call sunday morning and see if its changed.
Turkey creek in edgefield is a little ride down 25 but a fun motocross track. I've been there on dirt bikes and racing atv's. There's also a track in Belton ive riden owned by the pressleys that's pretty fun.
Same distance to durhamtown and they have a sh*t ton of trails as well as like 9 mx tracks. But turkey creek does have a cheaper riding fee though. I was hoping to not spend alot on gas and what not but let me check and see what i can do cause im itching to get out and ride.
parsons is in sumter natl forest so its public, never been there myself but i first saw the sign last year and have been wanting to check it out since then but just havnt its only like 30-45min from my house im just too lazy to load up the rancher and go pay to ride when we have so much land and trails on the uh farms(?)
Parsons isn't a days worth of riding in it self. It's only 12.6 miles if I'm not mistaken but it is a nice ride that would probably last a 1-2 hours pending on how fast you ride...
Parson's Mtn is closed right now for the season. should open back up in march. Its just forest service land. Only reason ive been there is cause it is closer than anywhere else. Clemson is like a geographical oddity, 2 hours from every major riding park/track. haha. But Parson's is fun just short. I know a friend and I went and rode there, and did 2 laps on the trail in no time, granted that was on two race quads with two people who play cat and mouse trying to see who's faster but still not a bad trail for a quick ride.

May try and check out turkey creek mx if they are open. I'd like to go ride at iron city mx off 85 but there isn't an open practice schedule listed online.