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Red TJ Build

Started a new rc build. I had been wanting to weld up a full cage for the JK, but didnt want to cut out the roof and build an interior. So I found a used 1/10 TJ body on rcc classifieds and the build has begun. First of all in order to include the interior you have to eliminate the typical transmission location. I opted for a divorced setup from GCM and will use their motor mount as well.

Havent had much time to tinker with it, but here is a teaser pic with the body just sitting on the frame.


my tcase and motor mount should be here sometime this week, I need to decide whether I'm going to make the cage out of solid rod and mig it together, or brakeline and braze it together.
chassis mounted servo yes, I'm thinking about leaving the 4 link front and pull a barclay on this one though, depends on the front driveshaft routing around the motor and if I have room for the 4th link. I just see the trackbar being a huge bitch to work around.
so the plastic weld I have works great for styrene, but these new bright bodies are some other kind of plastic, I have heard they are similar to abs, and you can use abs pipe cement, I'm going to grab some friday and see what I can do.