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Project: 428

Last time we talked you hadn't ridden it with the new shocks and what not you had put on it, you have to learn how to ride it again with the upgraded stuff?
Tucker, it was only like 2.5 hours. 4 would have been killer!!

Steve, shocks were great! Now i need to address the rear shock to match, still bucks in the rough stuff. Already got it figured out what im gonna do for that (GT thunder XC link and revalve the shock). Need to get some nice bars to try and relieve some of the arm pump as well cause it beat the hell out of me.
hahaha, sadly i dont have any. But it took me about 2-3 hours to pressure wash all the mud off. it was in every nook and cranny. My gear took about as long to spray off as well. I think theres one of me after lap one with no rear fender or seat on thats kinda funny. But the photographer only took ones of the start and first lap. Ill see if anyone on the forums has any from the race.
I cant remember the GNCC rules with qualifying for Loretta Lynn but if i can, im gonna try to race there as well just to say i did. The nations best will be there so i figured it'd be a fun weekend
Well just got back from the race in Union SC this weekend. Everything went alot smoother this time. Got down there early friday so I was able to ride my bike on the course so i could see what it was like and pick my lines through some of the hard sections. Had some support at this one so that made it better. Start went good. Went into the first turn in 3rd then got thrown over the berm on turn 2 and lost a few spot but the made it up in the rest of the race. The 400 held up great this time, no issues. Also, the new workout routine seems to be helping, made it through the whole race and was still feeling good at the end. No arm pump, throttle thumb, or anything else. Got a few pictures around camp before and after. Ill try to get some of the ones from the professional photographer when they get posted. I finished 6th place out of 15 in my class. Which was pretty respectable considering everyone else was riding built 450's. Still wish i could have done better but there's always next time.


Heres the start, I'm 4th back and the guy on the yellow one is the guy i apparently choked out in the first turn and he decided to retaliate with a love tap over the second berm....but rubbin's racin'
haha definitely cool to see some actions shots of me riding, but then makes me realize what i need to change and work on (weight shifts, body position, how im entering and exiting turns, etc...) Sucks that the series is headed up north for the rest of the season and i wont be able to race in any of those. Had a great time and looking forward to getting involved in more races.
Few updates: nerf bars were on at last race but i also trade my stock exhaust/traxxas rustler for a two brothers exhaust (sounds good and has some more balls). Had to rejet the carb for the new pipe as well as when i removed the air box lid. Running good but may need to take it down a size on the main jet. I put a 172 in it but i think its gonna need a 165 or 160. Running alittle rich. I also stepped up the pilot jet size to a 42 from the stock 38 and it now idles like a new bike and cold starts without the choke! Got a random present too for the front end from my secret admirer, Pro Armor pro xc bumper!

Next race is the first weekend in June so i got a few weeks to redo somethings. Interested to see how the pipe/intake/rejet help.
Well forgot the update after the last race. It was in a different series, Mid-East Hare Scramble. It was at Carolina Adventure World in Winnsboro SC. One word to describe the track....rough. It was freshly built so there weren't any good fast lines. It was all rough, especially since in this series, the big quads run last so it had the peewees bikes, youth quads, youth bikes, big bikes and then us.

Good a decent start and worked my way to 1st during the first lap and held 1st place through most of the race until i pulled over to check Megan who was racing in the womens class. She had a roll over and then couldn't her's to start back. Worked on it for a while and then went to get the pit crew to help her. This was when i lost my top seat. Still managed to work my way back into 2nd and finish decently. Good race but still beat the hell out of me. Planning on a rebuild when i get money set aside. Heres a few poser pics and ill post some from the race when i get home.