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Project: 428

Since this is offroadsc and not jeepsc or 4x4sc, and the honda is technically an offroad vehicle, I'm gonna do a build/rebuild thread on the 400. So here it goes:

Started with a 2007 Honda TRX 400EX. Bone stock other than the hideous oversized Mudlites on the rear :roll:

Changed those out for some fresh ITP Holeshot XCRs. Made a world of difference on the handling.

Pretty much stayed like that up untill recently. Got a few small goodies like new ODI lock-on grips, new brake pads and my shinny christmas present (swingarm skid).

Then the bad begins, found out my rear carrier bearing are shot, so after alot of cursing, busted knuckles, and massive retard strength, i was finally able to get the whole rear end apart and this is how she sits now waiting for my bearings and seals to get here, depressing.
After the bank account recovers from the rear end rebuild: a set of 450r shocks that i'll revalve for me will be next as well as a HMF exhaust and a set of nerf bars. Hopefully that will be it to get her ready for the first race in Georgia.
Well since my slack a$$ overs slept and didn't meet up with brooks to ride shotty this weekend, i figured id need to be productive in some way so i picked up my parts, finished tearing the rest apart and then put it all back together. The bearings were worse off then i thought. One wouldnt even move.

Inside the carrier:


Back on the wheels and after a short test ride around the neighborhood. Seems to be good to go and ended up cost a whopping $34. so maybe a ride tomorrow :)

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When I saw the first pic I was gonna ask about the bearings because of the big mud grips. Good thing thats all the big tires did to it. Looks much better with the ITP's
haha yeah, surprisingly everything else was in good shape considering the mudlites and $35 isn't a killer so no biggie.

Took it out this sunday and it all seemed to be good. Guess i didn't screw anything up too bad putting it all back together. I did found out what needs to be changed asap though. The front pogo sticks have to go!! Picking up a set of 450r shocks, revalving them for my weight and riding as well as putting a dual rate kit on them. Should make a big difference. And then changing out the rear shock linkage, giving it a more progressive rate and hopefully getting ride of the bucking through the whoops.
Update: Got my 450R shocks!! They're have both rebound and compression adjustments which my stockers didn't. They also allow for a more finely tuned preload setting. These particular ones have been revalved for XC riding and close to my weight and they have a dual rate kit installed. Basically all this means one thing= butter!!!

Next to stockers

Mounted up:

Normally with this swap, you gain about 3/4" to 1" of height but since these have been tuned and the dual rate kit, they actually lowered it about a 1/2" to 3/4". So thats a plus as well. Cant wait to get it out on the track/trail!!
Need to stop buying flat bills and drop some coin on wider arms. I'd love to have a race 4wheeler or one that wasnt broke really (have 3 sitting at my farm doing nothing).
Marcus, defiantly should have gotten one! Absolute blast but like you said, it will take away from your jeep fund for sure. That's why the new chromos may have some interest attached to them.:roll:

Steve, i dont know what your talking about. The flat bills make me faster. haha. But if i was doing strictly mx then i would defiently get 2+ or even some 3+ arms and lower it even more but being that ill be racing GNCC which is alot of tight, rough woods riding, im going to keep it narrow for now. I may do some 1+ arms later on but nothing more than that. Mainly just for the added strength of an aftermarket arm and the adjustability for fine tuning. Alot of guys are actually putting narrower arms on 450's in the woods. I'm just gonna keep riding it and see what needs to be changed. March 17 is my first race so hopefully i'll have it dialed in enough by then.
Heres the other one ill be racing in. Its one of the few with a mx track in the course. Super pumped!!


Steve, Ill be in the ATV AM First Year Racer class. Doesn't count for points but I decided i'd try my luck at it and see if i have a chance before I register in the higher classes. From what it sounds like, i could probably run in C class but i'd rather just stick with the lower class my first year.
They finally released number assignments today for this season and Ill be rockin the #428! I'll keep yall posted on how the season goes. Getting down to crunch time, first race is just over a month away.
Well since the jeep has been pissing me off, i decided to get back to tinkering on the 400. New chain and sproket kit came in, as well as number decals.

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Well just got back from my first race in Georgia! It was definitely one hell of a race. Heavy rain friday night made for an interesting track. Start went great! Got the holeshot and lead into the woods. Not long after, realized how much rain actually fell the night before. Big mud section had a bunch of people stuck, thankfully I was able to make it through with some throttle. Then about half way through the first lap (lap= about 10 miles) I clipped a tree with the rear end and broke both seat/fender mounts. Therefor causing my seat to no stay in place. Eventually i ripped it off and threw it in the woods. Rode about half the race with no seat so i had to stand up the whole time. Not a good riding position. So i lost alot of time with that. About the 3rd lap i was worn out from not being able to sit down, so i grabbed the seat next time by and slammed it back on. Then i had to ride the rest of the race sitting down so it didn't fall off. Again, not ideal. Also didn't have any rear brakes the whole race. Majorly sucked in the slop. But after a couple minor bails, one decent crash and a bunch of stuck in the ruts.....finished 2nd in my class!!

Overall, it was certainly an experience. I had a blast, learned alot of what i need to change and work on for the next race. Hopefully i can get some pictures up tomorrow when the photographer posts them.
Just a couple pictures... These are right after the start (got the holeshot :smokin:) so still clean. Every inch of me and the 400 were covered in mud by the end. Final time was 4 laps in 2 hours and 23 minutes. I'll hopefully do better next time if everything holds together. haha