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Helped a buddy put up a new soft top. Tried to use the old header but found an interference with a bar that wasn't designed for the new one. When trying the new header, the bow mount holes were found to be off by about a quarter of an inch...Bestop is sending him a new one, and it should be here early next week.

Besttop Header Driver.PNG Besttop Header Passenger.PNG
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Dont tell anybody, because I have been complaining about all the wedding related projects I have been working on the past couple of weeks, but
I actually LOVE doing this kind of stuff... I just wish I was setup for metal fab at home. I've had to run to work or dads several times during these projects. I really need a AC/DC Tig...Guess I need to go into business doing this kind of stuff long enough to pay for a nice tig machine...
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Bad ideas are floating around the shop tonight. Neighbor dropped off a CVT 4x4 4wheeler motor setup that got a little toasty. Carb melted, wiring is gone, pull start melted, but it turns clean. Belt is in great shape, and the starter appears to be ok so the motor couldn't have gotten to hot. Now WTF did it come out of?

That is what I thought. After some digging last night it appears to be a Kawasaki Prairie 400 setup. It didn't get as hot as I thought. The starter shows 0 signs of heat and still cranks over with no problems. Looks like around $150 in parts to get it running. I wonder if it is worth it. I really want a 500cc or bigger.