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Helped a buddy put up a new soft top. Tried to use the old header but found an interference with a bar that wasn't designed for the new one. When trying the new header, the bow mount holes were found to be off by about a quarter of an inch...Bestop is sending him a new one, and it should be here early next week.

Besttop Header Driver.PNG Besttop Header Passenger.PNG
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Dont tell anybody, because I have been complaining about all the wedding related projects I have been working on the past couple of weeks, but
I actually LOVE doing this kind of stuff... I just wish I was setup for metal fab at home. I've had to run to work or dads several times during these projects. I really need a AC/DC Tig...Guess I need to go into business doing this kind of stuff long enough to pay for a nice tig machine...
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