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What table and plasma did you guys go with?
As someone who has build a cnc from scratch before, id rate it at
9.5/10 regarding design;
2/10 for documentation;
4/10 for quality control;
5/10 for delivery time 8 Weeks (Ordered May 28, Shipped July 4, Missing pieces arrived July 20, First cut July 23);
Control software Novice 9/10, Advanced user 5/10;
Support 9.5/10;

Overall I think its going to be a good unit. Im not 100% sold on the controller and software, it might get ripped out for something with more features at some point but its working now so need to get some jobs done... Management is tickled to death at the cut quality and is already talking about buying a dedicated power source for this table. We just bought a Hypertherm 65a so we are able to use that powersource by swapping the torch lead between handheld and machine.

Im running Solidworks for my cad package and exporting DXF files, in the shop we are using the free 2d package from Siemens SolidEdge...Its a really nice package for anyone looking for 2d only cad.