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#OSCAR4 live event coverage

I didn't take many pics and my wife only got a few of me. If anyone got pics or video of my in Lions Den please share.

The black spec is a bear.

You might be able to see it moved in this pic.

Entrance to Mason Jar

The next few are Can Opener on upper rock garden.

Poser pic


Spent 4 hrs Saturday just like this. After looking everywhere to determine why it wouldn't run, we thought this T fitting was pulling air so we replaced it and did several other things.
Turned out to just be bad premium gas bought that am from the Marathon or my can had moisture in it.
Seafoam got us back on the trail after all of that.
A friend emailed me a few more pics.

Poser on Can Opener

Lions Den - lined up perfect for tree and rock notch

In the notch

Coming out of the notch
Had a blast fellas. Thanks for all the hard work by everyone to make this happen. Couldn't have asked for better wheeling weather.

Felt like the "good ol days" again this weekend. Got most of the mountain covered and all of the trails on the list checked off.

If by chance anyone has video of the cream puff action from Saturday evening, i'd love to see it.
These are gonna be a little slow coming out. Im in New York this week.
Great pictures. Had fun getting to roam around in the JK.

HOWEVER, at some point while up there or on the way back I developed an oil leak around the oil filter housing/heat exchanger. It was about 2 quarts down when I checked it this morning. I've heard the new design has issues, but the cap was torqued to spec on the 2 oil changes it's had. Off to the dealer tomorrow.