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New to me Wrangler

Big update! First of all a big thanks to Larry and Brooks for hooking me up with some much needed parts. Bump stop cups and a gas tank skid plate, respectively.

I took Friday off from work to get a head start. Friday mainly consisted of installing the axles, running brake lines and basically everything else that needed to be on the frame before dropping the tub on it.

Got another early start today - had a few things to address before installing the tub. Tub is currently on the frame with new body bolts. I ran a tap in each threaded hole and anti-seized the bolts.

Main things left to do: install front end, bleed brakes, add p/s fluid

I also had a stupid moment on Friday. I tripped while walking around the frame, but caught myself by the radiator which shoved it into the fan blade... so I have a new radiator now.

Front axle in!

Rear in

Tucked away for the evening

A nut for the rear shocks decided to split ways... so welded a nut on the frame

Body is ready to go on

And it's on...

There has been lots of painting on this project...
It has really been a fun project! The tub definitely came off easier than it went back on, though...

I just have some small things to button up now - hopefully I'll have her running this week.

Just about everything is finished with the exception of bleeding the brakes, hooking up the ebrake, putting the hood on and a few miscellaneous items. I'm going to run over everything one last time before the test drive in the neighborhood to make sure every bolt is torqued.

Last night it fired up on the first try!

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A question for the experts since I'm a noob to Jeeps and parts that can interchange:

A friend of mine told me I could swap in coils from the front of a ZJ in to level out the front. Is this true?


A question for the experts since I'm a noob to Jeeps and parts that can interchange:

A friend of mine told me I could swap in coils from the front of a ZJ in to level out the front. Is this true?
How much lower is the front? I don't know what spring rate factory springs you have bUT I have a set of Rubicon springs that may lift it a little.

Not sure what the ZJ springs would net.


I have not measured it yet, but it is visibly lower than the rear. I figured for for $20 in parts from the junkyard it is worth a shot...

Also found this article: http://www.fourwheeler.com/how-to/suspension-brakes/1310-jeep-zj-coils-on-a-tj-super-cheap/
That article says they netted 1.75-2 inch. Depending on how sagged your 18 year old stock springs are the Rubicon or LJ springs (which are the same and the highest stock spring rate) may net an inch or so. You're welcome to try them. I have 2 sets.

I actually run a .75 spacer on top of my fronts to make up for the weight of winch/bumper.
I finished the lift about a week or two ago. I think it turned out pretty well and all for less than $300. I wound up using 2" pro comp springs and JK shocks. Also installed front/rear track bar relocation brackets and bar pin eliminators.

The bolt for the axle side of the track bar was seized in the bushing. I had to cut off the bolt head and use a reciprocating saw to cut the bolt between the bracket and the bar. A BIG thanks to Larry for hooking me up with another track bar!


How is the ride compared to stick with the jk shocks?

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It almost feels like the ride my JK had.

Last night I changed out the front brake rotors and pads. It was time.



Then this happened on the way to work this morning...

So I'm contemplating selling the Jeep and getting back into a Mustang... This past week sucked seeing all my friends at Mustang Week.

I should have never sold it... 450 horsepower beast that was cammed and blown!