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New to me Wrangler

I traded in my JK to get a daily that is more baby friendly and I just picked up this Jeep around Christmas time. It's a 98 with a 4.0L and a 5-speed. It has a Dana 30 in the front and a 44 in the rear and overall pretty much stock. There's currently a random misfire I am trying to hunt down, but it is not throwing any codes. Overall it's in good shape. I am looking forward to playing with this one!

It was only a 2 door. I came to the conclusion that it would have gotten really annoying having to climb in the back all the time to get everything situated.
I am swapping frames now. I bought the Jeep knowing it had a few issues with the frame, but I got it for a pretty good deal. I decided against patching it. I figured by the time I bought the patches, I could get a new(er) frame. Of course this is more labor intensive than welding in some patches, but I think in the end I will feel better about it. I picked up a frame from a 99 4.0 last week and spent some time cleaning it up this weekend. I plan on painting it this week.

Also, Tripp and a few others have already told me I'm crazy/insane.

The night of picking up the frame

Cleaning the inside and outside

Side by side

Testing the new seat




Cleaning up some of the surface rust on the frame


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Looks good man,

I'm interested in hearing how that inside frame coating works.
I've read some good things about it. I plan on taping up the holes in the frame so it doesn't spray out everywhere. I'm going to use a wire coat hanger in hopes to control the tube and nozzle inside of the frame. The inside is very clean, but I figure this can't hurt anything.
Any pics of the rust on the old frame? That's crazy the body didn't rust but the frame did
I will have to get some pics of it soon. It is pretty odd.

I coated the inside of the frame rails tonight...

Taping some of the holes so it doesn't spray out everywhere



I could never do it. Mainly because I have no free time, but also because if I was starting from scatch, bare frame, there are so many things I would want to do.
There is a ton of stuff I would love to do! I'm trying to keep it low budget for now though. I can always do other mods down the road. I'll just be happy the frame is solid :smile:
Frame went off to be sandblasted and powder coated. I should have it back Friday, which means the swap starts this weekend! There were some adhesion problems with the rust bullet, so I decided to go a different route. I think the temperature may have had something to do with it because I pressure washed the frame, ground and sanded it, then washed it again...

Also, thanks for fixing the thread, Tripp! I also just heard back from the guy and it's being powder coated now.