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Jeep Minivan Build

I think mine are PureJeep (PJ). They were on it when I got it. They have a "boat side" aspect to them and fit perfect around the doors. I've been very please with them, and they definitely take a beating.


Also, the previous owner used black caulking around all the edges of mine. He did it clean and I think it was a great idea to keep all the little grit out.
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I used to hang out there a lot when I was stationed at Camp Lejeune. That was the late 90's-early 2000's and it was a lot different back then. Driving on the beach there was free, driving on Carolina Beach was free, driving and camping on Hatteras was free. Then a bunch of people from other places moved down and decided to legislate a traditional way of life out of existence to suit their opinions and keep public lands to themselves.
Been a while since I updated this thread. This little JK has been great. I hit 60k miles on it last week and it was time to put some new tires on her. Found a great deal on a set of the new Falken Wildpeak MTs. After an intense debate between 285/70/17, 285/75/17, and 35x12.5x17 I settled on the 285/70 since this jeep has the factory 3.73 gears and I want to be able to tow the camper through the mountains without much work.

Good decision. Honestly, I think I done with big tires. When I eventually need to replace suspension components, I plan on maybe a 2-3 inch lift with better upper control arms for a few more inches of travel. But, for what I do, it just isn't worth the extra trouble to make bigger tires work.

Now that I have said that, watch me end up buying a JKU Rubicon and throw 37"s uner it...

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Driving back from Greenville yesterday the Jk started puking oil. Looks like the oil filter housing has failed. I have heard the horror stories and always handle it like a raw egg when changing it. Looks like it's not just from abuse that they fail.

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most say its a Warranty item. Davids did the same thing in November and his was all covered under the powertrain warranty. Dropping it off at Galeana Tomorrow morning.