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Jeep Minivan Build

Our Jeep Minivan Build

Winch mounted, undecided if I want to keep this one or put on a Zeon. Purely for looks. But from my research the Zeon no load line speed is 35 fps while the 9.5ti is 62 fps. Is the Zeon really that much slower??

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Dang that 9.5 ti is fast. I never paid attention to line speed when I used mine so it must have been about the same as my old 9500i. Quick enough. I'd sell that winch and get a zeon purely because it's ugly. Unless you can bust it all the way down and paint it black, and out synthetic rope on it with a nice fair lead. But by the time you do all that you could have bought the zeon. Line speed won't matter in your wife's car and it will look way betterer
Thanks to Clemson 4 wheel center I was able to pickup a new Zeon when I was up in Clemson this weekend. They were nice enough to stay open an extra 5 minutes since I got into some traffic driving up Friday afternoon. But I got it mounted and this thing is looking NICE!