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Jeep 7" Round Head Lights

I was looking to order all this stuff myself, but I have to admit I am struggling with the cost for H4 headlights. Are they really worth it? I have always hated the sealed beam performance and I want the new rig to have actual useable headlights without trying to slap HID in a non HID housing. LEDs are way out of budget and I don't think they will look right. Which ceramic connector did you get? All I can find are basically no name Chinese ones.
That was almost exactly what is in my cart right now except the ceramic adapters. I am building the harness so I was just looking at ones with pigtails. Even still I might only use the housing and put my own hardware in it. My goal is a harness without splices unless I am doing 2:1 or something like that. It helps to have a huge box of duetsch connectors under my desk. There are a couple places I am stuck though and generally it is around lights. I have to just splice that stuff in.
how much brighter/better is the low beam (80w) vs 55w? Do people mistake that you have high beams on and flash you?
The low beams look great, I have less people high beam me than i do in my bone stock 150 with the factory leds. I actually think the lowbeam pattern of those housings is great, i don't typically even use the high beams, the lows with the fogs look great!