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Jeep 7" Round Head Lights

So, Its time to ditch the Sealed beams.
I want to spend $200, No more than $300. LED preferred, but if the pattern is gonna look like doo...I will stay with a H4 Conversion.

Some of my Top options.

Working in the lighting industry, Im a nerd now when it comes to Color Temp and Light Distribution...

The TruckLites always impressed me, just too expensive (they make GOOOD margin on those).

I pulled the trigger.

I had a conversation with Meaders, about what those guys were running. - Motorcycle Hella housings typically.. In Glass, So i did some further digging into glass housings. I was quickly diverted to Miata and Bronco forms..



I have been able to personally see the results of Hella E codes and was impressed.

So when i read those couple reviews and then found these goniophotometers plots.



I decided to try out the highly recommended Cibie 082440 Light Units with HELLA H4 12V 100/80W Bulbs.

Hopefully these will fit, there is some mention of these being used in the JKs but nothing in the TJs. I will measure the voltage drop after install to determine if i will need to build a heavy duty harness. I did purchase a set of Ceramic Pig tails to isolate some of the heat from the factory plug. I will report back. I may try and make some photos of the before and after patterns and light outputs.

Shooting fully manual on a DSLR will be a really easy way to compare light outputs.
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I've been rockin the Trucklite LED's in my ride for over a year now. I know I did lots of research before I got them. Things may have changed in a little over a year, but at the time I had found that Trucklite had the only tested, reliable, DOT approved, direct replacement lights on the market. I paid about $450 from NAPA. The price is steep, but it has been well worth it. No issues that I can see, no problems, and stupid bright white light.
Well, Blue Santa (USPS) dropped off my package with a busted headlight housing on Friday. The replacement should be here today. I will report back.. I did find out something rather interesting about the "history" of one of the two lights in the jeep...

Per my dad"One of those sealed beams is a GE Halogen that dates back 30 plus years when halogens first came out! It was in my First Mustang in High school…..If it is not bad I would like to have it back…..I have its’ mate in the garage. I am pretty sure it is in the passenger side on the Jeep.
Guess that explains the amazing performance I was receiving. Wonder if this replacement will last 30+ years...
Low beam

High Beams

I feel like crap so I didn't get technical. I highly recommend these housings and the 80/100 watt bulbs.

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Here's the thing about LEDs and HIDs, let me preface this by saying I work and design outdoor lighting products for roadways and parking lots. The biggest challenge with LEDs and HIDs is the beam shaping, both require special optics to properly focus and spread the light. The second problem with LEDs and HIDs is reliability. Both light sources require special power supplies, that is typically a Chinese box designed and built down to a cost with the cheapest components available. Lastly, LEDs generate lots of heat, this heat has to be removed from the diode junction in order for the diode not to burn out. This usually means a large heat sink and or a small fan. Both of which are easily clogged with dust. And finally the not so important issue, the LED bulbs don't generally generate enough heat to melt snow and ice off of the headlight housings.

With all that said, if you buy something like trucklites or jw speakers those are well engineered quality products.

Just my 2cents worth.

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