Guzzy Build


probably going to stick to 35s, the jeep works really well at this size. Also its a little more reliable on 35s.
I have three 37" KM2's with decent tread on them just sitting in the shop looking for a home. Hunt down a 4th and you would have a really cheap step up in size. Well, if you have 17" rims.
I just don't think 37s are on the table for me.

Got all the bedrug kit in last week before the wedding, it really transforms the feel of the jeep inside. Its much quieter. Now I just need to swap in the last two TREs for the Drag link.
I will be interested in seeing that bedrug kit
I meant to take some pictures but I finished in the dark. It went in really easy and its a foam and carpet design thats supposed to be mildew and smell resistant, unlike carpet that gets wet and smells like wet dog. We'll see how it does.
I'm pretty sure if you carry around wet dogs, any carpet will end up smelling like wet dogs. Just sayin'.
isn't that the truth, but in highschool my carpet got wet over a few summers and eventually smelled terrible because it wouldn't dry out. Could have been that the previous owner had wet dogs in there...
At least it doesn't smell like dead frogs...
Yeah, i think I told you about that one, Left all my smelly carpet in my moms garage when I went to college and a frog got in it and died and it ruined all the carpet because it turned to frog juice and bones over the summer. So I had to throw it out.