Guzzy Build

So during the swap I botched my steering shaft to tub seal, it was crumbling. I figured it wouldn't be hard to find one, but I havent been able to find a new one. The local jeep part outs dont have any or sell them with the steering shaft. Anyone know of a universal seal that would work for this application?

its this part, but i think its two piece, and this is only half of it that comes with a new upper steering shaft.
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Have you tried to get a part number for that seal from a dealer?
I sent the info to my friend but havent heard back. He teaches at Gwittet Tech and runs their Mopar training program. I'll post up what I find out when he gets a chance to look and reports back.
Weather has been a little warmer, its nice to throw the top back and cruise for a bit again. Its been a while. Its time for me to put a rubber mat on the floor of the TJ again, I had one that I cut for the old tub, but i need to do it again for the extra length. I had used the rubber from a roll they have at tractor supply before, but I'm debating using a shop door rug from lowes or somethign this time. gotta check what they have and do some measuring.
Wheelbase mod has been a success, never had the confidence to pull up on the waterfall before, I didnt make it up the main climb, but I was able to climb up the side of it this year.

Also, the drive up was more enjoyable than its ever been. this thing just cruises down the road with no vibes or wandering and its actually a pleasure to drive now.