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Grand Dads Cj5

Spent the day getting my brakes sorted out. I think I need to bleed them another time or so and find a vacuum source on the manifold instead of the carb.

Eaton Adapters for the lines were nice. Kept me from having to reflare lines.

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Got my stainless lines on and all new shocks from Napa. They are the fleet series for heavier duty applications. Now that I have them on all 4 corners it's driving way better now. Dang shocks have gotten expensive $190.

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Didn't even clean that booster before putting it in? You been busy or something?
Husband, father, mother, Dr, Train Driver by night, (lawn,auto,house) maintenance supervisor, hospital seat retainer. I was doing good to stay awake long enough to get it together.

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Got the jeep all cleaned up today. These power brakes were a yuge upgrade. Like put you thru the windshield good. The road manners have increase dramatically after all the upgrades. My sway bar bushings came in today so now I can install it. Hoping that will be the last piece of the puzzle.

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That thing is so awesome. I still can't get over how well those rocker panels fit. I will look for those spare shafts today.
Thanks man, those shafts would be a very comforting thing to have. I have to buy lockers and some have just said put chromos in it when I do the lockers. No way I'm sinking that kinda money in a Dana 30. Although I hope to never put it anywhere to snap a shaft it's a big concern since putting that t-18. Granny low and v8 torque may catch me off guard.
In a few weeks I'm having my front and rear bumpers built with a swing away carrier in the rear.

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I had a good time in Colorado at the 2017 All-4-Fun Event. It was a success for the most part. I was pretty limited on the trails I felt comfortable running and I was nearly 40 years older than any of the rigs I was with all week. The Cj held its on with the groups I was with on and off the highway. I’m ready to go back. Some amazing views and outdoor lovers paradise.

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Been away from the wheeling scene along time. Jumped on here to see if an Oscar ride still went on and came across this old thread. I still work on it and upgrade it. Just don’t use it. Hopefully head up for Oscar and stretch it’s legs alittle.