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Favorite tire

If you could wrap your favorite rims in your favorite tire what would it be?

I think for an offroad only tire i really like

For anything not strictly offroad i'd rep some

I don't think the tread depth on km2's on anything above a 35 is deep enough for my liking. I like the MTR's alot too just not convinced how they are for the southeast wheeling.
For a badass all around tire that'll handle 1000's of miles a year of highway driving, it would have to be a 38.5" Truxus MT radial. I loved the set I had. And to go with the theme of the thread, I'd mount them on a set of Champions.
For a wheeling only tire, it would be either a PBR or Trep. 40"-42".
I like the treps alot too, they seem to be the tits. Do the Creepy's not compare to them at all?

Also for an all around tire, i really like some of the KM1's, i wish they still made them in a 33x10.50 or a 255/85, i like them a lot better then the km2's in that size.
KM2 on a DD rig. or even the new nitto trail grapplers (haven't seen them in action but look to be a decent tire)

Krawlers or creepys on a street driven trail rig.

Sticky treps, reds, or sx2 on trail-only rig.

wheels: black raceline monsters or powdercoated black walker evans
I don't know. A lot of people say they suck but I've seen otherwise. I'd buy a set if I ever came across a good deal on some. They say they ride great on the road.
Whoever told you they ride great on the road was blowing smoke up your skirt.

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Whoever told you they ride great on the road was blowing smoke up your skirt.

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x2 those tires are loud as ****, and seriously last 10k miles.

for a strictly offroad rig, it would definitely go to a sticky krawler or a sticky trep.

for an on/offroad rig, it would go to the km2, kevlars, or maybe a PBR (heard mixed reviews about the PBR's for on road.)
I won't know until I try them. If I found a good deal on some I'd give them a shot. I'm sure over the next few years I'll be sampling all sorts of new rubbers.

Mason, 10k miles is a lot! That would be about 2-3 years on my rig!
Guy in sisoffroad up north has a extremely low xj on tons now that used to DD it on 37 creepys even delivering pizzas and think they held up fine. Ktmracer something is his name. Timmay for liquid iron industries has been abusing same set of 37 sticky treps for years and they still have life left.

I don't think you can compare bias tires to radials just like you can't compare bias to stickys. Radials will last long but not be as capable, bias seems to be a good medium and balance between driving it on road and offroad performance, not best for either but has its advantages, and stickys offroad need no explanation, on road.....just dont.

Bias PBR just measure to small, atleast in there 37, there radials measure true but never heard anything about them. Mtrk seem to be straight on road but gillis has killed what 2 or 3 sidewalls with his. I've been most impressed with km2s for a radial and don't know anyone that's had problems. I would love a set of 35 krawlers though....