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Early Bronco Build

and i can't imagine cutting the grill to inset the winch. but it would be badass.
I agree, if I were trying to gain as much clearance as possible I would cut the grill but I like the grill too much. And I also want to stay away from blocking the grill for air flow. I'm looking at a 9.5xp or just an m8000. Although the m8000 would be slightly underpowered.


My M8000 has held up for almost 20 years now on my rig. What model is that Warn rock crawler winch? That would probably be the easiest one to hide somewhere right?
I’ve got an M8000 that I’ve put a motor on twice. It currently sits on a table with a broken free spool and nonfunds to replace the motor.
Yes the 9.0 RC has 50 feet of synthetic due to the short drum
Yeah most of my restriction is just in height or diameter of the winch, so the 9.5xp, the m8000 and the 9.0 RC would all probably fit about the same. I'm supposed to go look at a 9.5xp on Friday so hopefully that works out.
I've also thought about getting a cheaper m8000 and putting the bigger motor from the 9.5xp on it. I've found a few threads that say it will physically fit but warn doesn't recommend it because the two winches have different gear ratios.
The reason I want to go a little bigger than an 8k winch is weight. I went and had the truck weighed. With the spare, two people inside, a full tank of fuel and a bag of tools it weighed 5500 lbs. the truck itself would be around 5100lbs. IMG_6737.JPG
The tune right now is decent, the major problem is that it seems to be dipping into the idle timing values while it should be in cruise values. This is causing some hesitation under low rpm, high load, like in overdrive. I think I just need to open up the table and see where things are set, Holley has a software for that, that you just download your calibration into, make your changes and then reupload to the ecu. It's also running a bit rich but I think fixing the timing will get me closer on that as well. But overall I've put 500 miles or so on it without major issue. I mostly just want to get a front bumper on it before I take it off-road. I have a couple more things I want to do before Oscar like a CB and a mount for the cooler but those are lower priority right now