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Early Bronco Build

I'd stay in Spartanburg if I were you. If them Gamecocks have another abysmal season expect it to really smell even worse than last year. Get some pics up!
Yeah so I failed at keeping this up to date along the way haha. But the bronco has been on the road for a few weeks now and is doing pretty good. I will say I'm not a fan of the Holley sniper efi and wouldn't recommend anyone go that route, it held me off the road for weeks working out the bugs and it still doesn't quite have the drivability I was expecting. Maybe I will get it worked out with a little more tuning but it's definitely not a plug and play system, atleast not for me. The bronco isn't completely finished, mainly still missing a front bumper and winch but we took it to Asheville last weekend and my brother took a few pictures of it. 000021460011.jpg 000021460013.jpg 000021450012.jpg
its a work of art! What are the plans for front bumper? winch down load between the frame rails?
Yep, I'll probably start with flat sheet across the bottom of the frame and mount the winch to that and then maybe a tube across the front similar to the back bumper. I'm trying to find a decent used warn but people either think they're gold or they won't call me back.