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Dana 44 Knuckle

I have heard that the knuckle on a Ford 44 has a bigger opening for the axleshaft to go through than a Chevy knuckle. Anyone know if there is any truth to that. I dont have one to measure, and cant find much info on it online.
Any other known differances? I know that the tie rod isn't over the knuckle on Fords.
they use a 5 bolt spindle where as chevy and jeep use a 6 bolt spindle, and require different brake backing plates and calipers.


just checked, the center hole on the ford knuckle is 4.120"
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you will probably have to do like Joe does and inser the shaft then assemble the ball while turning the knuckle.
Its alot easier said than done. I talked to RCV today and they recomended installing the inner shaft, and boot with the knuckle off. Then put the outer inside the knuckle and then try to line up the ball joints. Hopefully I can get it togather because I have that Reid Knuckle/ high steer arm and 4 brand new ball joints allready installed.
Anyone have some Ford Knuckles, spindles, and etc laying around?

I just got off the phone with Kraig at RCV and he said they have a new design of RCV axles that prevents the outter shaft from pulling out of the CV. I have got to send him a picture of the splines on the shaft tonight and hes getting the new set out to me. I'm debating on weather to change to Ford knuckles so the RCV will slide through like a normal axle shaft or goto a narrowed Dana 60. I have no complaints out of the Dana 44 other than the outter shaft pulling out of the CV. After this weekend I realized its pretty much impossible to change a RCV with Chevy/ Waggy knuckles.
Depends on the cost of either.. I know the 60 is gonna open up a whole nuther' can of worms...new locker, gears, chromo's, etc.. where as the ford assembly could be had cheaper i'm sure.. but look into the future as well. do you plan on running 39's ever on the TJ like you mentioned at harlan? if not i say keep the d44 and start your buggy using your tons..

I know you were wanting to keep the flat top for the steering you have, so you could get some stock knuckles and send them off..
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