BlueAF Gladiator Build

Shewwww. They get it straight?
HELL NO, Got there and they assured me it was great, and the service guy said he personally looked at it underneath and that it was spotless....

I was like awesome, where is it. They back it into the bay to check it out and I stuck my hand into the inner fender onto the frame rail and it was covered in that point, I was just fed up. I said thanks, I'll take it, but this is trash work and that it was unacceptable for a new truck to be covered in oil after its first oil change.

They called the manager who handn't seen it yet after the clean up. I was as nice I possibly could be, and realize its not their fault, but at the same time they didnt give a shit how clean it was. He offered to keep it again, but that wasn't an option as it was my lunch break and i had to leave early to head to soccer practice for Ava.

Steven Knight is the Service Manager and he gave me his card and said to bring it in AGAIN and they would make it right..... WTF Galeana Chrysler Jeep a 1 star Dealership.
TSB issued for the bottoming out finally:


Now if I can just get it in to get fixed. Have a call into the service department, they love me there.
The fix is shocks and bump stops? Are the existing shocks too long and that's what's bottoming?
no, the bump stop housing metal tube that the bumpstop can bolts to is 1.5" longer on the diesel JTs and they didn't increase ride hight, so it gives it only 1.5" before the bumpstop hits at normal ride hight. I have about 2.5" now that I have the teraflex spacers in the front. Honestly, i'm not sure how this would fix the problem as I dont see the issue being made better without longer coils. The new shocks must be stiffer.
So this truck has been awesome over the last year. Recently we sold our daily driver car and while waiting for the new one to come in we have driven the JT to work 4 days a week for two weeks. Our new dd comes in tomorrow so not much more of this. But it got me noticing how good the mileage was when not hooked to our trailer and I went to check the average mpg over the last oil change and holy crap, even with towing our camper for half the miles, in the last 4700 miles it’s averaged 28.8mpg! That’s freaking crazy.

It seems I was incorrect. That was the Average MPG, not for the entire trip. I thought something was fishy in there because when I tow the trailer it goes down to 22-24. Commuting last week got it up to 29, so its probably averaging about 26 with mixed driving with and without the camper.